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Published:April 29th, 2007 07:01 EST
Mutant X Finishes their Mark too Early on DVD

Mutant X Finishes their Mark too Early on DVD

By Garrett Godwin

The mission of Mutant X has always been protecting New Mutants and helping come to terms with they are while fighting to protect a world that doesn`t even know that they exist. 

Now, they must regroup and fend for themselves as they discover that the world they know and live in is much more complicated than they expect in the third and final season of Mutant X, now available on DVD.

 Season three picks up where last season`s "Lest He Become" left off, as the team discovered shocking secrets of their creator, leader, and father figure Adam Kane (John Shea) that goes on in the season premiere. 

The opener, "Into the Moonless Night" follows Mutant X grieving for not only losing Adam, but also losing fellow team member and friend, empathy Emma (Lauren Lee Smith).  The episode introduces Lexa Pierce (Karen Cliche), a New Mutant with the ability to manipulate light; she was also one of the original members of Mutant X and has now come back to become the team`s new leader. 

Mutant X: The Complete Third Season features all 22 episodes plus an audio commentary of the season opener, and much more.

Episode highlights of this season includes:

"Brother`s Keeper": Mutant X finds out about Lexa`s twin brother Troy.

"In Between": Jesse (Forbes March) is between life and death, and it is up to Brennan (Victor Webster) to save him by reliving all the good they`ve done together.

"The Prophecy" brings complete closure of the Gabriel Ashlocke arc from last season.

The second half of season three brings us the introduction of The Dominion, and mysterious yet shadowy and powerful organization that has enlisted Mutant X for several missions.  But it also brought the return of longtime nemesis Mason Eckhart and Mutant X original leader Adam, who plays an important role in the final episodes that involves him, Mutant X, and the Dominion, who aren`t benevolent as they seems.

The second half also saw budding romance developing between Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Brennan, and Jesse and Lexa.

The finale, "The Assault", finds the entire Mutant X team together again, as they set out to rescue Jesse and Lexa from the Dominion, leading to an surprising finale and unresolved cliff-hanger that left so many questions unanswered.

Though renewed for a fourth season, Mutant X was cancelled in 2004 just when it was hitting its peak.  The cancellation was due to the disbanding of one of the production companies. 

There has been an online petition to save the series and bring it back on the air with new episodes on the SCIFI Channel, but no luck.  There were talks of wrapping it up with a two-hour movie, but didn`t come to fruition.  , fans continue to support Mutant X through websites and other online petitions to resurrect the show.

You can see for yourself why with Mutant X: The Complete Third Season, available on DVD.