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Published:May 9th, 2007 16:47 EST
Comic Books attacked STARZ last Thursday

Comic Books attacked STARZ last Thursday

By Garrett Godwin

With Spider-Man 3 as the main course in theatres, viewers were given appetizers "When Comic Books Attack" which appeared on STARZ Channel last Thursday.  This is where our favorite comic books heroes came to life on the big screen. 

Here what was on the menu:

Darkman (1990): Crime has a new enemy, and justice has a new face -- or should I say a thousand faces?  He is everywhere and nowhere -- everyone and no one.

Dick Tracy (1990): Warren Beatty was on the call as the tireless flatfoot with the yellow coat and hat wearing that cool wristwatch dedicated to bring law and order in his city against Big Boy Caprice (Al Pacino) and other organized crime figures.

Judge Dredd (1995): First, he went the distance as Rocky, and fought for freedom as Rambo.  Now, Sylvester Stallone was judge, jury, and executioner, as well as the law in a lawless city during a desolate future.
Blade (1998): Wesley Snipes sinks his teeth in as the half-human, half-vampire slayer declaring war on all nightstalkers that feed on humanity.  Known as the Daywalker, he has the power of an immortal, the soul of a human, and the heart of a hero.

Blade: Trinity (2004): The final chapter in the trilogy finds the Daywalker taking on the First known as Dracula.

Sin City (2005): The line between good and evil does blur in a city where crime runs the streets, which is run in blood.  However, turn the right corner in this town, and you can find anything.

Some were box-office hits while others became cult favorites and few became flops.

While these comic books attacked STARZ Channel, viewers also had an opportunity to watch a behind-the-scenes look of Spider-Man 3, the day before it hits the big screen.

Therefore, feed your childhood fantasies with these comic book protagonists, available on cable such as STARZ Channel or on DVD.