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Published:May 16th, 2007 09:34 EST
Review of Chris Titus' Newest Album

Review of Chris Titus' Newest Album

By Sherry Larnard

Comedian Christopher Titus` "Fifth Annual End of the World Tour" CD was released  April 10, 2007. Anyone looking for a refreshing and hilarious take on the recent state of the world should run to the store and grab this one.

The two-disc set has skits covering everything from Titus` personal life to the state of affairs surrounding the war on terror alerts. Titus opens the disc with a skit about the birth of his daughter, which sets the tone for the remainder of the disc. He speaks a lot about his concern for his children growing up in such an unsteady culture.

According to Titus, about 80 percent of what he talks about on the album really happened to him. "I`m not smart enough to make stuff up, so I just use myself," Titus said.

While the first part of this album is funny, it doesn`t really prepare the listener for the hilarity that begins around the skit called "Kill Titus", and continues until the end of the second disc.

Among all of the humorous skits, "I`m Whitey and I Apologize" stands out from the pack. According to Titus, this skit came about after watching people get fired up about race relations on television.

The majority of Titus` skits have to do with things that many would not make jokes about. "My mother was in a mental institution and my father would always crack jokes about it, so I have a knack for finding the grossest, darkest thing and making a joke about it," Titus said.

A lot of Titus` comedy deals with his rough childhood. "It used to be that if you were from a bad family, you were bad," said Titus, adding, "I wanted to switch it to if you`re mom`s crazy, you`re stronger than anyone else."

Titus is not only a stand-up comedian; he has two movies coming out and a show in the works.

he also used to have a TV comedy series called Titus, in which he was the central character. Titus wrote and is starring in the movie Five Seconds. It`s about drag racing, which-- according to Titus-- is an intense sport that he has been a fan of since childhood.

He is also acting in the movie Remarkable Power, in which he plays a very eccentric Englishman. Titus said the new television series that he`s working on is in the editing stages right now.

Stand up is Titus` favorite of all of his performance arenas because: "It`s like working without a safety net and I get a heroin-like rush from doing it."

Apparently, this comedy has come a long way. "I was a kid when I started. I did nothing, so I was talking about nothing," Titus said. His first show, he said, consisted of a lame parody of the song "We Will Rock You."

Somehow, with all that he has going on, he still finds the time to do charity. He runs "The Insight Project." Every year the group chooses a charity that deals with teenagers that have been bounced around in foster homes. They put on a comedy show and give about 95 percent of the money raised to that charity.

"I`d like the money to be used to take the kids who might move into a neighborhood and be criminals and turn them into neighbors," Titus said.

He said that in his comedy, telling the audience the truth is what makes him so funny. He said he learned this lesson after he was about to quit stand up and took a friend`s advice to show his real self on stage. He went home that night and wrote an angry skit as a joke. "When I performed it like three weeks later, the audience loved it. They were going nuts, but I had no other material like that so I went back to my cheesy stuff and the audience was silent for the rest of the night," said Titus.

Titus claims to never use material over again after he`s done with a tour, so he is already working on more material for his next tour. He said he asked God for a new idea when he finished recording the album and soon found out that his wife was cheating on him. "Be more specific with God when you ask him for something," he advises. In true Titus style, however, this will become the laughter of his next tour.