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Published:May 25th, 2007 04:05 EST
Hey Mary Jo, Joey is dating the girl that shot you!

Hey Mary Jo, Joey is dating the girl that shot you!

By Carolee Kaufold

Yes, pick yourself up from the floor and smell the coffee. It has been 15 years since Amy Fisher walked up to your door and shot you in the head. Now, on all the Entertainment shows, there they are. Smiling, holding hands and kissing--Ugg!

I was there, in Merrick Long Island, that May 1992. I owned a Travel Agency near her home. I lived near the hospital where Mary Jo Buttafucoco was fighting for her life. I watch the news, read the papers and couldn`t believe that a 17 year old girl could fall in love with a pasta filled 36 year old garage owner. Joey Buttafucoco - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The story goes like this, for all of you too young or just didn`t care .... Amy walked up to Mary Jo`s front door, ask some stupid question, then the gun she was carrying-- "oops"-- went off in Mary Jo`s head. Amy`s story was that Joey made her do it. Joey`s story was "Amy who?"

Amy is from a middle class family, the only child; her mother loved her, she wasn`t sure how her dad felt. Joey`s family was typical, too-- hard working and maybe a "little" connected to the Sprano family (wink). Joey thought he was God`s gift to young girls, and Amy was looking for a Godsend! This was not a match made in Heaven. It was made in a sleazy motel on Long Island. Soon, Joey had a little work on the side for Amy... he wanted her to "entertain" some guys for spending money. He gave her a beeper so she call call him from her high school. Oh, did I forget to tell you she was still in High School?

She went to jail, she told Mary Jo she was sorry. After a while, Joey went to jail to for having a fling with an underage girl. Mary Jo stood by him, to the shock and awe of this country. While Amy was in jail Mary Jo forgave her. Joey said, "I didn`t do anything wrong!". Life went on. The Buttafucoco`s move to Hollywood so Joey could be a star.

Amy got out of jail and married a Joey look-a-like, had a couple of kids and told the world she was as happy as an ex-felon could be. Mary Jo woke up and kicked Joey out. Joey moved to Las Vegas and married, are you ready for this-- a girl he took to the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. It is true he married a great girl that loves to party and go to the brothel with him. I couldn`t make this up folks.

The New York Newspapers are headlining the return of romance of a Buttafucoco and Fisher rematch. Is this a slap in the face of the already wounded Mary Jo or what? How do Amy and Joey look at their own kids and say "we are in love and always have been"?

Ah, memories of that day 15 years ago, when Amy wanted Joey, shot Mary Jo left her dying on the front steps. Now, it is Mary Jo that is dying again-- laughing that is!