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Published:June 10th, 2007 08:05 EST
General Hospital: Who should Elizabeth raise Jason's son with? Part 2

General Hospital: Who should Elizabeth raise Jason's son with? Part 2

By Garrett Godwin

The storyline involving Jason, Elizabeth, Lucky, Sam, and baby Jacob Martib has divided loyal fans of General Hospital.  While there are still fans of Liaison (Jason & Elizabeth), JaSam (Jason & Sam), and L&L2 (Lucky & Elizabeth), fans still want Jason to step in and claim as his son, and let the truth be known.


Would you rather see Elizabeth raise her baby with Jason or Lucky? Results from this question from ABC Soaps in Depth shows that 74% of the votes want Jason to help raise Jake with Elizabeth, while 26% of the votes belonged to Lucky.


Jason is Jake's natural father because what happened between him and Elizabeth wasn't a mistake; it was a miracle.  But most of all, it was these two souls coming together as one, and a life is conceived.  Something always bring them together because whatever things are tough and hard, they're always there to bring comfort, solace, and guidance to one another, finding the strength to go on in their lives.  Jason & Elizabeth have no regrets not only of their friendship, but also the emotional intimacy as well as the history they have together.  Though never say "I love you" to each other, this couple do love each other by the way they look at one another and how much they mean to each other.  Jason & Elizabeth have such a special bond, it can't be broken -- and they can never be apart.


If Elizabeth truly loves Jason, then she should let him be a father to their son.  She needs to be honest with herself and her feelings for him, and stop trying to please everyone.  It's not her fault that Lucky cheated on her and developed a drug problem; it was and always his choice.  Elizabeth needs to stop paying for his mistakes and stop doing what family and friends want but what -- and whom -- she wants.  If she truly loves Jason and wants a life with him, Cameron, and Jake, then she should go for it, and fight for it.


Jason & Elizabeth needs to open and truthful about their feelings for one another, tell the truth to the people of Port Charles, and start over again with a clean slate -- as a couple in love, in freedom, and a couple living with no regrets.


Naming their son is of importance to not only Jason and Elizabeth, but also truly the fans.  Jake is named after the Port Charles bar where they first met on August 27, 1999, and became the beginning of their story as Jason and Elizabeth become best friends and confidants, and a couple known as Liaison is born on that day.


The story continues to go further this summer, as secrets are exposed, and the truth may be reveal, meaning the wait could be over for Jason & Elizabeth and their son. 


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