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Published:June 26th, 2007 07:41 EST
A New Chapter Begins in Season Nine of Stargate SG-1 on DVD

A New Chapter Begins in Season Nine of Stargate SG-1 on DVD

By Garrett Godwin

The team of SG-1 has defended humanity and the entire galaxy against the Goa'uld.  Now, after eight years, the Jaffa are finally free, as victory has finally arrived not only for them, but also for SG-1 and Earth.

However, peace becomes short-lived as new enemy surfaces, and a new war begins.  The next chapter continues with Stargate SG-1: Season Nine, available on DVD, featuring all 20 episodes with extras, such as audio commentaries of pivotal episodes from cast and crew.

In season nine, the series becoming brand-new as it goes off into a new direction, mixing the Stargate mythology with the mythology of the legendary wizard Merlin. 

"We'd been fighting the Goa'uld for eight years", said writer and executive producer Robert C. Cooper, "and felt the time had come to look beyond that storyline and bring something new to the mix.  Part of our mythology was that a race of beings known as the Ancients were instrumental in building the Stargates and were capable of great things in terms of what they could do spiritually, intellectually and technologically.  We'd always assumed this race of people was benign, but if what they weren't?  What if they weren't at all as friendly as we'd supposed and were, in fact, intent on bending us to their will and using us for their own nefarious purposes?"

With the surprising success of 2004's The Passion of The Christ, writers made the theme of religion even more modern in the form of the Ori, a new enemy that is more powerful than the Goa'uld -- and one enemy that SG-1 may not defeat.

Stargate SG-1 brought in new blood with Ben Browder (Farscape) as new leader Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell, who spent the first part of the season trying to get Dr. Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks), Col. Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping), and Teal'c (Christopher Judge), aka "the band", back together.

Beau Bridges also joins the series Gen. Hank Landry, the new head of Stargate Command, replacing fan favorite Gen. Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson), who returned for two episodes this season.  With Amanda Tapping on maternity leave at the beginning of season nine, Claudia Black steps in and reprises her recurring role as Vala Mal Doran, an irrepressible con artist who ends up becoming an integral ally for SG-1 in the fight against the Ori.  In addition, she also shares a great amount of sexual tension with Daniel.  Also coming into the series in a reoccurring role is Lexa Doig (Andromeda) as Dr. Carolyn Lam, who shares an estranged relationship with her father, Gen. Landry.

Season nine did indeed make Stargate SG-1 a brand-new series with new characters, a new archenemy, and a new storyline added to this complex yet incredible mythology that new and longtime fans have followed since the film Stargate and the series.

The good fight continues once more with Stargate SG-1: Season Nine, available on DVD.