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Published:July 6th, 2007 11:28 EST
A Millionare's First Love

A Millionare's First Love

By Subash Lamichhane

A Millionaire`s First Love " is a Korean movie, which has thrilled the world and has proven that Korean movies are as competitive, and can match Hollywood standards. It was a surprise for me to see a Korean Movie travel to the country of Nepal. In Nepal, most of our movies come from Hollywood and Bollywood, but now competition has began, as the people of Nepal like Korean movies as well.
Kang Jae-Kyrung is the main character of A Millionaire`s First Love " who is an 18-year-old student who is millionaire as he inherits the property of his late grandfather. The movie shows him full of pride, anger, vigor as well as hate. Jae-Kyrung is shown in a gang fight. He also rides in his Ferrari and enjoys nightclubs with his friends.
But soon things change for him. His grandfather`s reads the terms and conditions upon which is the inheritance of the property. According to the terms, Jae-Kyrung should go to high school at Gangwondo and graduate.  If he does not follow through with this rule, all the money will go to charity and if he gives up, he would only get 0.1% of the total money.  Therefore, the movie twists as Jae-Kyrung moves towards graduating from Gangwondo.

There at school he tries to behave badly so that he would be suspended from school. However, his plans do not work.  Meanwhile, he meets Eun Whan, a simple and pretty girl.

She is also his classmate.  Jae-Kyrung shows that he is proud of being rich and counts on no one. Whan always liked him so much, but he is not aware of it nor did he like her even though she liked him so much.

Whan takes care of Jae-Kyrung when she finds him faint after calling his mothers name. Her care and her cooking will melt the heart of Jae-Kyrung. Jae-Kyrung and Whan continue to grow close as Whan realizes that she is going to die and does not want to hurt Jae-Kyrung with her death. (Not knowing that Jae-Kyrung already knew). As Jae-Kyrung starts to get more and more attached to Whan, he decides to hurt her so it will not hurt him as much when she dies.

After Jea-Kyrung goes back to school, he sees a little boy and girl. The boy grabs the girl`s hand as he says, "I`ll come back in ten nights, I promise." He gasps as his memories of him as a little boy come back to him. He even remembers how he lost his parent .Moreover, he found out that Whan was his childhood girlfriend then he runs towards her. When he see her, he says I have come back .Then she says it is too late .But as he mentions about 10 nights and childhood then again When and Jae-Kyrung will get together.

Time will be less for them to spend together. It is the most tragic part of the movie when Whan is having her pain again due to her unstable heart. Knowing she could die at any moment Jae-Kyrung does not leave her side but tries to make her as happy as possible. Jae-Kyrung celebrates Whan`s birthday. He gives her a medicine, which he says it is from Soeul, and can cure every disease and ask her not to overdose on it. Whan goes to her room and she has tears in her eyes .When she opens the medicine bottle, inside the tablets she find the small notes of Jae-Kyrung. Each note expressing how much he loved her. " It is raining here, but this rain can never cool my love for you". Whan has tears in her eyes and prays that God gives her enough time to say goodbye. When Jae-Kyrung finds her crying, he says to her, Fool I told you not to overdose on it, take one a day. " She replies to him in heart breaking way, I was afraid that I will die before I read all of these."

The dance Whan performs in the play is so perfect.  Again, she has her heart problem but no matter what she keeps dancing.  At the end of the play, Jae-Kyrung as colonel and Whan are engaged.  Therefore, their play to graduate becomes a successful one. Whan`s whole school is there to celebrate; Jae-Kyrung and Whan are shown staying in the swing. She remembers when Jae-Kyrung fell in love with her.  He replied that he has been in love with her since he first saw her.  It was a cold evening. Whan says I want to sleep for 3 minutes. After she falls asleep, the first snow begins to pour down.  Jae-Kyrung tries to wake her up.

Then the move is at one shifted to the prize distribution day where it shows next to Jae-Kyrung`s chair only a flower is there indicating the death of Whan. It is a very tragic scene.  She is awarded with a best friendship award.  After the graduation is concluded, Jae-Kyrung see his grandpa`s lawyer wishing him congratulations and says that his inheritance is still his. He was told that his grandfather wanted him to know the value of life and he would get back his property when he values are something other then the will to give up.

At the end of the movie, it shows Jae-Kyrung fulfilling the wish of Whan.  He constructs a house with many windows.  He collects the memory of when they both had blowed the sec and had made the wish. Whan had made the wish for him to grow up.  A Millionaire`s First Love " is a movie that is perfect in everyway. It is emotional and tragic but very beautiful and captivating.  It overall shows that Korean movies can really make a difference.