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Published:July 13th, 2007 12:22 EST
1 Down; 13 To Go on Big Brother

1 Down; 13 To Go on Big Brother

By Carolee Kaufold

Big Brother is back to, maybe, the most boring season ever. Last night Carol left, I`m sure she was happy to get out of there. Amber has been given another week.

The big surprise came at the end of Head Of House.  Of all people to win, it was JEN! The one person who everyone could not wait to put up next.  Evil Dick had a few words with her in the morning, telling her he did not like her and he was not alone.  Jen is the one who wears shirts with her name on them, and little else.  In the HOH competition she was not the girl the other house guests wanted to rub butter on. (Don`t ask.)

Now that she is HOH, everyone is bowing down to her and saying "Oops! " Ugly Dick would not go to see her HOH room and told her to put him up, he didn`t care. We will see how far he goes to kiss up to her and stay!  Thursday night on the live TV show, on the 24/7 feeds and Showtime, it only proved this girl is a small-mined, big-breasted self-consumed gal!

This show is known for both sexes wearing next nothing.  But most can think on their feet.  But, Jen cannot think, speak or make sense.  She cried over her photo in the House guest line up, for goodness sake.  She lied about Nick kissing her, confronted him, and admitted to lying then, she asked him to hug her!!

Now she is supposed to lead a group of money hungry, slop-eating house guests into a week of fun?  I don`t think so!  This next week will be filled with drama, stupidity and falseness that CBS has never seen before.

So, now is the time to find a good book, take up knitting or running because this year`s Big Brother is a waste of time.  I want my money back from Real Player and Showtime.  Well, maybe I will wait.  I have nothing else planned for a while.  It is like a bad accident, you cannot help but look!