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Published:July 19th, 2007 06:29 EST
D-List is 'A' Material

D-List is 'A' Material

By Tristan Mack

With the summer season almost over, I will no longer be stuck in a world of reruns and bad reality TV. But I will say this: For all the terrible shows attempting to attract an audience over these few months, there is one bright spot.

Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D-List is an astutely hilarious reality show based upon the life of the comedian as she attempts to make it to the next level of the celebrity hierarchy. On her second season of the Bravo series, the funny lady finds herself in a host of “D-List” events, such as doing stand-up for a group of prisoners and hosting the gay porn awards in San Francisco. While on the road to greater fame, Kathy also picks up a date with porn great Ron Jeremy and former Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter.

What makes this show so entertaining, aside from everyday oddities that make up Griffin’s life, is the fact that there is a sting of humanity in the series. There are real relationships between Kathy and her assistants, Tom, Jessica and Tiffany. On a visit to London, she rents out an entire double-decker bus for the foursome so they can tour London. It makes me want to work for her.

Perhaps though, the most touching moments come when Kathy talks about her father, who passed away during shooting of the second season. It’s a rare opportunity to see the sharp-tongued comedian without a wise ass remark, but rather as simply a human.

However touching these moments are though, they are not the reason I tune in every week. Honestly, it is Ms. Griffin who makes this show so good, and the things she does for her D-List status; her hopes of becoming the next Suzanne Somers and creating her own empire; her stand-up routines which revolve around badgering the A-Listers of the world and Ann Coulter; and then, there are her attempts at getting a decent photo spread in any magazine, all the while delivering that self-depreciating humor.

Unfortunately, the season will be ending this coming week, as Kathy takes her father’s ashes to Ireland to be scattered. After that, there will be nothing to look forward to on the boob-tube until the fall season begins again.