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Published:July 25th, 2007 15:32 EST
Go Now w/Garrett Godwin - Episode 6

Go Now w/Garrett Godwin - Episode 6

By Garrett Godwin

It is time to Go Now

Hello, everybody, this is Garrett Godwin, and welcome to Go Now, the show that brings the latest on the endless world that we all love so much as the world of entertainment.  So, let’s get started, shall we?


USA continues to get Psych this summer

With the return of The 4400 and The Dead Zone, the success of The Starter Wife, and the debut of Burn Notice, a potential hit, the summer season goes in full swing when “Crime Friday” resurfaces with Monk and Psych on USA Network this month.

Tony Shalhoub is back as America’s favorite defective detective, Adrian Monk, the role that won him three Emmys and a Golden Globe Award.  Sarah Silverman returned for the season premiere as the sleuth’s obsessive (not compulsive) admirer.  Also on board season six was rapper/actor Snopp Doggy Dog last week

Monk airs Fridays at 9pm on USA Network, where Monk searches for "the naked truth".  

To catch up, season five is now available on DVD.

At 10pm comes the fake psychic-real detective/mystery-buddy-comedy-drama Psych, which starts its sophomore season.

Starring James Roday (The Dukes of Hazzard) and Dule Hill (The West Wing), the series follows Shawn Spencer (Roday), whom the police believe that he’s a psychic when the truth is he’s not despite having incredible observational abilities.  So, to avoid jail time, Shawn keeps up the charade as a police consultant and enlists the aid of friend Gus (Hill) to start a detective agency called “Psych”. 

Keeping up?

The series’ second-season opener recently find the duo trying to become the next American Idol – well, sort of, with Tim Curry and Gina Gershon as the judges.  Last week, Shawn and Gus continue digging for the truth.

Still keeping up?

Well, if you haven’t, then watch Psych Friday nights at 10pm on USA, and season one is now available on DVD.

Temperatures continues to rise for daytime soaps this summer

Just recently, both ABC and SOAPnet reveal the sizzling secret storylines of All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital.  So, if you haven’t been watching this summer or don’t know what’ll happen, you’re in luck because I’m here to give some little tidbits:

All My Children

  • Greenlee is going to suffer a major accident that will impact the lives of Ryan, Kendall, and their families.

One Life to Live

  • Llanview Police Lt. John McBain (Michael Easton) will discover that his nephew Tommy is actually the son of Todd Manning (Trevor St. John), and must choose between upholding the law or protecting his brother Michael.
  • Expect the true killer of evil Dr. Spencer Truman to be revealed, and here’s a clue: it’s not Marty Saybrooke.

General Hospital


  • The relationship of Jason and Sam is maybe beyond repair due to Sam’s past, Jason as Jake Spencer’s natural father, and Sam witnessing his son’s abduction but not doing anything at all.  This lead to Sam breaking up with Jason, leaving Carly very happy.
  • And speaking of Carly, she will team up with some of her adversaries to save the people that she loves.
  • This week, Jason's trial begins, and the truth about him and Elizabeth will be reveal.


Without A Trace star will be “Poppy”-ing

Poppy Montgomery, who plays sexy and sensitive Samantha “Sam” Spade on CBS’ Without A Trace, is expecting her first child with boyfriend Adam Kaufman.  The couple met while filming the 2005 independent movie Between, about a lawyer (Montgomery) becoming haunted by the ghost of her husband (Kaufman) while searching for her missing sister.

Montgomery, whose birth name is Poppy Petal Emma Elizabeth Deveraux Donohue, recently reveal – accidentally – to an Australian TV show that the baby is a boy, and will make his debut in the world in December.

Well, that is all the time we have here today.  I want to thank you for joining me, and don’t forget check out the lovely, beautiful and talented Judyth Piazza on The American Perspective at The Student Operated Press (  And if you like what you hear so far, then check out more Entertainment, Television, and so on also at the SOP at

I’m Garrett Godwin, and I have to Go Now.  I’ll see you later.