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Published:August 4th, 2007 14:31 EST
Vestige of the Vox Populi # 45

Vestige of the Vox Populi # 45

By Sean Stubblefield

It is appropriate that the first and only trailer (that I am aware of) for a book should be the work of Teh Awesome story teller Jessica Stover. Using common narrative tropes in uncommon ways, the trailer illustrates a need for imaginative and creatively daring books like this, in a time when book reading has diminished. Her clever audacity impresses me. Just the existance of such a video is noteworthy, but even more remarkable is the narrative subject matter (both in the trailer and the book it advertises).

Written by her and consisting of several excellent short stories, the book is aptly titled Aidmheil: In The Name of Adventure, and serves as a demonstrative manifesto for her personality and storytelling attitude.

This, from the artistically innovative woman who-- by “mere” force of talent and charisma-- has managed to inspire support for her Artemis Eternal and The Silver Legacy film projects, despite not yet even having revealed what they are about, and before pre-production ever began.