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Published:August 30th, 2007 05:22 EST
Chan and Tucker invade Paris in Rush Hour 3

Chan and Tucker invade Paris in Rush Hour 3

By Garrett Godwin

The biggest hands of the East and the biggest mouth of the West go to the City of Love in Rush Hour 3.

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker team up with director Brent Ratner once again for the thrilling third installment of the widely successful buddy action-comedy.

This time, Inspector Lee (Chan) is assigned to protect his longtime friend, Ambassador Han (Tzi Ma), who returns Los Angeles to speak at the World Criminal Court in continuing the fight against the Chinese Triad. However, there was an assassination attempt made on Han during the conference, and the case gets a shocking surprise when the assassin turns out to be Lee's long-lost brother, Kenji (Hiroyuki Sanada).

Keeping a vow he made to Han's daughter Soo Yung (Zhang Jingchu), Lee and LAPD Detective James Carter (Tucker) reunite again, as they go after Kenji and The Triad ... that is, if they don't kill each other first, as their friendship may be pushed to the limit.

The movie marks the first time that Chan, Tucker, and director Ratner have worked together since 2001's Rush Hour 2. It also has been six years since Chris Tucker has been onscreen, and for Rush Hour 3, he gets paid $25 million.

The first Rush Hour finds Lee being an outsider in America, and Rush Hour 2 finds Carter being an outsider in China, but in Rush Hour 3 the duo are outsiders in Paris, as Lee's background is being explored more in this movie.

What makes the Rush Hour films work is the cultural differences and personalities between the protagonists. Whereas Lee is still the strait-laced detective who is still good with his hands and feet, Carter is still the carefree, irrepressible detective who is still good with his mouth. Another reason why Rush Hour works is the wonderful banter and dynamic chemistry between Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. After six years, it is still there.

It is Jackie's and Chris's biggest hour yet, as Rush Hour 3 quickly hits theatres now.