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Published:September 30th, 2007 06:05 EST
Halloween Tips for Tricks and Treats

Halloween Tips for Tricks and Treats

By SOP newswire

For this Halloween, we have lots of green tips, fun facts, haunted Halloween cards and a Halloween boo-tique to help you enjoy Halloween and make it Green!
  • Protect Pets on Halloween

    Link here to learn how to protect pets from the dangers posed to pets on Halloween by loud noise, costumed strangers, candy, pet costumes, and Halloween tricksters.

    Three Unfounded "Wolfish" Myths.

  • Few animals are as feared by humans as wolves. Because people believe werewolves were individuals who had yielded to their dark, sinful, bestial natures, wolves became equated with evil.

    Spiders Unveiled

  • Spiders are synonymous with Halloween scenarios, but here are five reasons why spiders are not so frightful.

    Have a Batty Halloween !

  • Bats are shrouded in myth. Click here to read the truth about bats!

    Make Delicious Halloween Snacks!

  • Our food choices significantly impact the environment. To serve eco-friendly Halloween dishes, use more organic, meatless alternatives sold with minimal packaging. Additionally, reduce waste by composting or cooking your Halloween pumpkins for delicious treats.

    Design Pesticide-Free Pumpkins!

  • One can purchase pumpkins from various sources, but to celebrate an eco-friendly Halloween, think about buying organic or pesticide-free pumpkins from your local pumpkin patch or farmer`s market.

    Make Thirteen Eeeko-Halloween Decorations!

  • Click here to read thirteen suggestions for Halloween decorations you can make with reused and recycled items. Click here to read about eco-friendly suggestions for renting Halloween costumes or making costumes out of recycled and reused materials.

    Throw an Eeko-Friendly Halloween Party!

  • Make the most of a unique Eeko-Friendly Halloween Party Theme with ghoulishly "green" games and costumes. From recycled costume contests, to organic apple bobbing, below are seven tips to make a party fun and interesting.

    Make a Creepy E-Costume!

  • Many Halloween costumes available on today`s market contain conventional toxic dyes that pollute waterways, and petroleum-based products that require oil drilling.

HELPFUL HINTS:  Annie Berthold-Bond offers her helpful green tips for Halloween!

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