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Published:October 2nd, 2007 13:31 EST
Interview with Actress/Director Susan Adriensen

Interview with Actress/Director Susan Adriensen

By Denise Kaminsky

Susan Adriensen is an inspiring actress as well as a director; she is with me today to talk about her latest projects.

Hello Susie, first off let me ask you about your acting craft?

I use various methods depending on the role or circumstances.

I`ve studied the Stanislavski Method at HB Studios with the late Katherine Sergava. She was tough, but forced us to lose our egos. It was all about the role and she prepped us to be "clean slates" for those roles. We had to be instruments for the script/play. However, there are circumstances when time limitations force you to `just go with it` and I`ve started to become comfortable with that as well. It`s amazing what comes out so spur-of-the-moment.
Tell me about the films that you have had an acting role in?

The most recent one is Alan Rowe Kelly`s `The Blood Shed.` You saw it, Denise. Crazy, huh? That role wasn`t something I could use Method acting with ... except maybe going back to my fun childhood and being with my crazy older brothers. As my husband says, it wasn`t big stretch for me.

Also, `Prison of the Psychotic Damned` was just released. I played Professor Rayna Bloom, which was a challenge. I`m a fun warm person and as that character, I felt I had to be like a Nazi. We also had little time for a "moment before" and it was freezing cold. We had fun though and I was pleased to see what came out of the spontaneity.

Do you usually only go on auditions for roles in horror films?
No. which is funny; the roles seem to come to me. Although presently, I`m not pursuing acting. I finished my first feature film and have been so busy. Of course, if the role is challenging, I`m game whether it be horror, drama, or comedy. Bring it on!

Have you also been involved in theatre? Not since high school but if, I had time, I`d join a theater, but I think those days are over. Writing, producing, directing, and then editing your own movie is a hobby in itself that allows little time for anything else.

What made you decide to direct a film?

I have stories that I want to share. So, I like to write in screenplay form because I see images as if in a movie. Then why not produce this screenplay? Heck! Why not direct it too!
Tell us about the recent film that you directed?

`Under the Raven`s Wing.` It`s a pseudo documentary through the eyes and camera of an AV tech dropout as he documents three young women about a murder they committed. They have a strange philosophy and the leader, Raven, is one scary chick. She`s a female Charles Manson or Hannibal Lector. She`s very charismatic.

There are also two other female characters, Angel and Jessie. I have to say I put a little bit of myself into each character - even the male role of "the Director."

Are there any new projects in the works?

Well, my next goal is to direct my script "Inside Out." It`s a woman`s story, but it`s quite bloody, odd, and surreal. It also has to do with a strange cult, like "Under the Raven`s Wing." I find cults fascinating.

Are any of your films available on DVD?

Sure. Just e-mail me and I`ll send you a copy! I just don`t have distribution yet.

One last question, are there any film festivals that you plan to make an appearance at?

If I am accepted, my lead actress, Kimberly Amato ("Raven") and I will be there! We will travel!

Thank you very much for the wonderful interview Susan and keep up the great work.

Thanks so much, Denise! You are providing a great service to artists in the industry and to those out there who inquire about us.

Susan resides in New Jersey with her husband Meric, and their two parrots Puppy and Einstein.

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