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Published:October 10th, 2007 07:35 EST
Vestige of the Vox Populi # 52

Vestige of the Vox Populi # 52

By Sean Stubblefield

With continuing developments in special effects and digital manipulation capabilities, it is becoming easier to fake our reality and increasingly harder to suspend disbelief. We can’t always really believe that what we see and hear anymore is genuine. Proof is no longer proof enough because we can’t always be completely sure the evidence hasn’t been doctored or tampered with, or manufactured. And if so, how much and in what way? This deceptive prestidigitation is common practice with commercial photographs and TV/film productions. Creating the inevitable risk and necessity of questioning the authenticity and legitimacy of what we call news.

Our usual common tendency to dismiss the incredible as impossible or improbable, as well as our habit of lying to ourselves for convenience and comfort, is re-enforced and enabled by our desensitization towards technological trickery. There is a danger of us being too gullible, or not naïve enough.

A picture may be worth a thousands words, but how many of those words are true?

Is the denial of alien visitation a hoax? Or is the revelation? Which is the cover up?

And how can we know for sure?

A photo of an extra-terrestrial or UFO or moon base is no longer convincing or extra-ordinary.

It wouldn’t be considered or accepted as “real” to most of us.


I have a hypothetical “theory” about the first lunar landing that reconciles claims of it being real or a hoax.

It was both.

Maybe we did go to the moon, but what we found there necessitated editing through recreating the event on a sound stage to make it more suitable for public consumption. What is the real reason NASA hasn’t returned to the moon in so long-- and only after a few trips? Is it simply economic/bureaucratic/ monopolistic apathy, lethargy and bloat? Or is there something on the moon that NASA, the government, some secret society or the aliens doesn’t want the public to see?