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Published:October 11th, 2007 17:09 EST
Seasons One and Two of Prison Break on DVD

Seasons One and Two of Prison Break on DVD

By Garrett Godwin

Escape and get involved in the chase with seasons one and two of Prison Break, available on DVD.  Featuring all 22 episodes, each with exclusive audio commenataries, interviews with cast and crew, and much more, the series follows one man risking everything to save his brother.



Season One (2005-06): The Great Escape

Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller), a structural engineer, gets himself into Fox River, where his older brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) is awaiting execution for the murder of Terrance Steadman (Jeff Perry), the brother of a Vice Presidental candidate. A murder he was framed for. Now Michael must use his cunning, wits, and intelligence to pull off an impossible escape plan to save his brother -- even if it means teaming up with some of the most dangerous people in Fox River to make it happen ....


Season Two (2006-07): The Fugitive

Now the target of a national manhunt, the escaped convicts go their separate ways while on the same mission: finding Westmoreland's $5 million.  But as they do, some set out to reunite with their loved ones while others are up to their old tricks again -- and several may not survive, for that is only the beginning ...

Hot on their trail is FBI Agent Alexander Mahone (William Fichtner), who's has a hidden agenda -- and secrets of his own.  The Company, the ruthless organization responsible for framing Lincoln, is also on the trail to find Linc and Michael-- who decides to stop running and start fighting back ....


So, before or while watching the new third season, see how the story begins with Prison Break: Season One and Season Two, available on DVD.