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Published:October 11th, 2007 17:34 EST
Vestige of the Vox Populi # 53

Vestige of the Vox Populi # 53

By Sean Stubblefield

SPACE: The Final Frontier…


Remember when space was exciting? When it was more than just a trope of science fiction? More than mere fantasy or wishful thinking or naive pipe dream? When it was supposed to be humanity’s destiny and the future of mankind?

Space can be again.

With something to encourage enthusiasm, like this:




Although, actually, space never stopped being exciting. We simply stopped being excited.

NASA has failed to inspire and invigorate the public imagination and interest.

Because they are apparently not really in the business of space. They’re mostly in the space business.

They seem content to leave space to the future… in the future… rather than enter that future, and help bring that future to the world. Why and how did we get to the moon to begin with? Was it for exploration and colonization, or even exploitation? Was it curiosity or initiative or aspiration?

No, it was politically and economically motivated, as part of a “space race“.

Instead of seeking to make space accessible to the everyman, space is reserved to a select few, in a monopolistic proprietorship. Space somehow belongs to NASA?

And judging by their actions, NASA prefers to foster the idea of space over the pursuit of it. Keeping space forever trapped in potentiality, and in their domain. As if any government could rightly own space. As if anyone needs their permission to go where no one has gone before.


Until and unless We The People become involved and engaged in space enterprises, such endeavors will not much matter to us. And if they don't matter to us, we won't participate or contribute. A connection-- literal and metaphorical-- needs to be made between individuals and space.