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Published:October 18th, 2007 01:59 EST
'Grey's Anatomy' Dissected

'Grey's Anatomy' Dissected

By Sarah Rumberger


If you caught yourself catching your breath at the sound of that name, you can probably classify yourself as one of the many fans who are virtually obsessed with the popular TV show “Grey’s Anatomy.” So, what exactly makes this show a success? What makes it one of the most popular shows on primetime TV?

The show’s attractiveness can be mainly attributed to its cast of quirky characters. First, let’s look at the female gang. There’s the ever competitive and hilarious Christina Yang, the loveable Izzie Stevens, the authoritative Miranda Bailey and the eccentric Callie Torres (more recently known as Callie O’Malley). There is also the classic Meredith Grey, whose story adds essential drama to the show with every new episode.

Now, let’s take a look at the males (and oh boy do the female viewers love to look at the males of “Grey’s Anatomy.”) There’s the heartthrob brain surgeon Derek Shepherd (a.k.a. McDreamy), rebellious Mark Sloan (a.k.a. McSteamy), the perplexing Alex Karev, charming George O”Malley and the Chief of Surgery Richard Webber. So, combine all of these character personalities together, and what do you have? A hit TV show, of course!

Obviously, you can’t have an addictive TV show without some element of romance. Week after week, viewers are enthralled with the love stories of the surgeons of Seattle Grace Hospital. Fans are constantly left wondering if Meredith and McDreamy will keep their relationship aflame or if George and Callie are really meant for each other. The romance stories are like a complicated maze with fans itching to find a way out.

The show is further elevated by its constant conflict. There are two fundamental types of conflict in the show: medical and personal. The medical conflict constantly keeps viewers in disbelief. The surgeons have dealt with various medical oddities that keep the show fresh and always entertaining. The personal conflict provides the show with its drama. This drama keeps viewers watching week after week.

What ties all of these components together perfectly is the wide array of music associated with “Grey's Anatomy.” The show features music from a variety of genres. Musical artists featured on the show range from chart-topping artists such as Lifehouse and James Blunt to the indie-pop sensation Ingrid Michaelson. The songs are interwoven into the sentimental scenes of the show perfectly. This allows viewers to tap into their emotions as they watch dramatic scenes unravel.

There’s no doubt about it: “Grey’s Anatomy” can prove to be highly addictive. With the combination of romance, conflict, drama and music that complements these elements flawlessly, it is not surprising that many people have found themselves practically obsessed with the show.

If you are not one of these people, you should be warned: before watching “Grey’s Anatomy,” make sure you can set aside one hour every week because it is likely that you will be hooked.