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Published:October 31st, 2007 02:12 EST
GH's Liason Charm Chicago Fans

GH's Liason Charm Chicago Fans

By Garrett Godwin

"You know I love you."
                             -Jason Morgan

"I love you, too.  It's what gets me through this."
                                                        -Elizabeth Spencer

They are separated by danger and violence, but bound by their friendship and their growing love-- a love which led to the birth of their son, Jake.  Best friends and confidants, they trust no one but each other, and no matter what happens, they always find their way back to each other.  And though not together now, they will never be apart from each other in their minds, hearts and souls; and, that goes the same for their fans.

We know them as Port Charles heroine Elizabeth Spencer and brooding yet sensitive mob enforcer Jason Morgan, but to fans of General Hospital, they're one of the next great supercouples known as Liason. 

Since 1999, fans have been dedicated to the coupling of Jason and Elizabeth so much, they printed two ads in Soap Opera Digest in the winter of 2002, and in the spring of 2003.  Recently, Liason was number one in the ABC Soaps In Depth Poll for Favorite Couple, and selected by SOD for "Fan Campaign of the Week."

Liason fans continue to show their love and support for their couple in Chicago last Saturday afternoon for the first annual Liason event at Zanies Comedy Club, where fans finally had a chance to meet other fans as well as ask questions, but also meet Liason themselves, Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst.

When asked about Liason's night of romance that led to their son being conceived, Herbst said it was "awesome," and Burton liked the closeness they had for that amount of time.  He also reassured a sold-out audience that Jake is Jason's son.

But fans got more than meeting their couple; they got spoliers of what's ahead for them on GH.  During the Black-and-White Ball at Wyndermere, Jason and Elizabeth will reunite at the barn, where he teaches her how to shoot, and things get heated up between them.  And fans will finally be relieved, as Jake's paternity will finally be revealed. 

So, this leads to two questions: will Jason and Elizabeth lose their son? Or. will they finally have the family they've always wanted?

Watch this tender, tortured and touching story of friendship, trust and love between Jason and Elizabeth continue on General Hospital, weekdays on ABC and weeknights on SOAPnet.