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Published:November 11th, 2007 03:28 EST
Review:  Liars and Lunatics

Review: Liars and Lunatics

By Denise Kaminsky

On October 26th at the Helen Mills Theatre in NYC, I attended the Gala premier screening for the film “Liars and Lunatics” directed by Roberto Munoz.

"Liars and Lunatics" is a full-length feature film about an evangelist man who is struggling to regain his freedom and peace within, after the tragic death of his agnostic girlfriend, Paige (played by Maya Serhan).

James (played by Joseph A. Halsey) admits himself to a mental facility where he has an imaginary trial in his own mind as he tries to rebuild his life and gain answers that revolve around questions about life-after-death.

During the trial, James is represented by an imaginary Judge (played by Karen-Lynn Gorney). The prosecutor, Dubious, is also James' psychiatrist, Dr. Donovin (both roles played by Carson Grant) and his psychologist Dr. Frolik (played by Allison Lane) who later tries to explain to James that he doesn’t really need to be institutionalized. All he needs to do to set his soul free is to read the letter Paige wrote to him before she died, which he refuses to read. On the other hand, Dr. Donovin insists on having James committed without giving him an opportunity to read the letter.

I was impressed by the diversity of the characters that performed extremely well, especially with the intense emotional moments.

Filmed in a historic church in Whitestone Queens, NY, this drama focuses on faith and people's beliefs during the course of their existence, and the struggle in one man’s quest for answers.