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Published:November 15th, 2007 05:15 EST
Ex-Inmate Theatre Launches in Boise

Ex-Inmate Theatre Launches in Boise

By SOP newswire

 New Hope Community Health today announced the initiation of the first in the nation "Ex-Inmate Theatre" and unveiled as its first stage production, the play entitled November 22nd, 1963-"Between Heaven and Hell" by Peter Kreeft. The 3-man play has been in production for the past two months and will run in Boise, ID from November 22nd to 25th.

Photo: Jon Ravenholt, 25 year meth addict, Director and Actor (CS Lewis)

On November 22nd, 1963 three men died within hours of each other: President John F. Kennedy, writer C.S. Lewis (of The Chronicles of Narnia fame) and writer Aldous Huxley (of Brave New World fame). The play presents a possible discussion of life, God and Heaven among the three men just on the other side of eternity.

Cast and Crew Background: New Hope Community Health's co-founder, Dennis Mansfield, saw the opportunity of bringing together ex-inmates from the New Hope program who either had a background in drama or were interested in learning more about theater and drama. His first selection of cast and crew was Jon Ravenholt, a 25 year meth addict who met Mansfield in Jail. Ravenholt was subsequently cast as C.S. Lewis and asked to be Director of this initial play.

Additional cast and crew were selected and play practice began. November 22nd 2007 was chosen as the first date of the play (the 44th anniversary of the three men's deaths.). The play will run through the 25th.

Cast and Crew's combined records represent over 350 arrests, almost 60 years behind bars and close to 25 felonies.

Though not all cast and crew are felons, all have been impacted by incarceration, substance abuse as well as being given new hope via new opportunities to change themselves and others through faith-based programs.

Why: New Hope Community Health believes that ex-inmates can and will change their behaviors and beliefs if given the opportunity of doing so. As a faith-based ex-inmate and ex-addict program, New Hope initiated the Ex-Inmate Theatre as the newest outreach to bridge community and ex-offenders.

Who: New Hope Community Health program members, friends and supporters - all involved as Cast and Crew for this play.

What: Initiation of Ex-Inmate Theatre and the kick-off of the first play "November 22nd, 1963 - Between Heaven and Hell" by Peter Kreeft.

Where: "The Domes" in Boise on Northview Ave between Cole Avenue and Milwaukee.

When: Thursday, November 22nd thru Sunday, November 25th, 7 pm- 9 pm with a matinee of 3 pm - 5 pm on the 25th.

To arrange national media interviews with ex-inmates (cast and crew) please contact Larry Durkin, New Hope Administrator at 208-672-9200 x 204 or Dennis Mansfield at 208-353-3252.

Background: Nov. 9, 2007 AP Story on New Hope Community Health, ID group homes surge as inmates exit prison; neighbors furious

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