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Published:November 18th, 2007 04:22 EST
Interview with actor Andrew Roth

Interview with actor Andrew Roth

By Denise Kaminsky

Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Andrew Roth is an inspiring actor who received his Bachelor`s degree in Drama at SUNY Stony Brook. He then traveled the United States where he held odd jobs in Toledo, Ohio; Roanoke, Virginia and Los Angeles, California in order to get a better understanding of the characters he hoped to one day play. Andrew felt that acting was the right move for him because growing up he was always considered the class clown. Then, later in life, he kept finding his way into trouble, or it seemed like trouble always found him.

When he discovered the theater in college it showed Andrew how to focus his energy into a positive medium.

I had recently met Andrew at a Film Festival, and I asked him  if he would be interested in talking about his acting craft along with his latest project  Z.E.R.O.

Andrew, tell me about Z.E.R.O.

Z.E.R.O. stands for Zombie Emergency Response Operations (, the story goes like this: It`s ten years after the worldwide pandemic has occurred; the dead have risen. Our government has put together several elite units to combat the dead or infected and to help protect civilians. I play Colin Gellow, an obnoxious but lovable Scotsman with an inappropriate sense of humor. In general I`m the comic relief which has been wonderful to play because I`m usually cast in dramatic roles.

Tell me about some of the other roles you have had.

Some of the characters I`ve played in films have been: Joe Kizzen in "Praxis" (Damaged Films), New Zealand surfer Ryan Hastings, in "3 To 5 & Glassy" (Vintage Youth Productions), Philadelphia drug lord Kevin Maze in "Lost Money" (Take Flight Entertainment), an alcoholic father in "Douglas" (Purchance To Dream Productions), and the mafia leaders violent son Tommy Lazario in "The Rise and Fall of Their American Dream" (Nash Productions).

One of my all time favorite roles was in the theatre where I played the title role of MacBeth. You can check out my web sites to see some of the other characters I`ve played and watch clips from a few of the films as well, and take a look at production companies I`ve had the opportunity to work with.
What if you didn`t have the opportunity to become an actor, what would you do?

I`d still try to be involved in the arts either painting, writing or directing, it`s the only field I feel somewhat at home in.

Do you have any future projects scheduled?

The next films that I`m scheduled to shoot are: "Real Men Wear Pink" (Limaj Films), a comedy where I play Joe Perro, a dad who`s upset because he thinks his son might be gay, "Patient 27" (New DayDream Pictures), a drama where I play another alcoholic, abusive father named Wayne Rollins.

Then a film which is to be shot oversees in London, England called "Killing Mr. Right" (A-Typical Pictures) where I play the role of Steve Ross, which is  also a drama.

Do you have any favorite films that you would like to share with me and my readers?

I enjoy all kinds of films, I have no favorites. What I look for most in a production are objective truths, films that deliver a message that holds true no matter when it was made, with characters and a story that carries me away from myself and makes me empathize with what`s happening on the screen at that moment.
One last question, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I spend a lot of time at the gym taking care of my body and I also attend a school of Theosophy, Philosophy and Science in New York City where I train my mind and spirit.

I would like to thank Andrew for the wonderful interview and for more information please go to: and