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Published:November 25th, 2007 02:55 EST
Interviewing Actor Van Alpert

Interviewing Actor Van Alpert

By Denise Kaminsky

Recently, I was invited to the screening for the short film God Bless America " at the Anthology Film Archives Cinemas in the East Village neighborhood of New York City. After meeting the director, Rodreigo Diaz McVeigh, and the actors, Carson Grant and Van Alpert, I asked Van if he, too, would like to do an online interview.

Denise: Hi Van tell me about yourself?

Van: I was born in New York City in the summer of 1986. My mom was a model from Holland and my pops was a shoemaker from California. I come from a family of artists making me a very creative person.

Denise:  What or who inspired you to become an actor?

Van:  Growing up I loved to tell stories with voice impressions when entertaining my classmates or at the dinner table. My friends and I used to practice voices a lot in school too, in the lunchroom and classrooms. I decided to join my school`s Drama program, turned out to be my favorite class. I enjoyed studying historical plays and making short film projects. My senior year I performed a monologue at a Central Florida Theater event and received partial scholarship to the New York Film Academy. When I turned 18, I moved to New York to study theater. I am currently enrolled at the Lee Strasberg School for Film and Theater.

Denise: Do you have plans for any new project?

Van: I star in a short-film titled "What A Putts" a story about a Pro-Golfer who takes life for granted and gets cancer, directed by Andres Del Gado. Also this summer, I directed a short-documentary titled "Stanton Street" based on the homeless shelter "The Bowery Mission", and stories from all kinds of people who lived there in the 1960`s-2007. I wrote a short-comedy with Sebastian Price titled "Addicts Anonymous" which I will also star in, shooting early December.

Denise: Tell me about your role in the short film God Bless America. "

Van: I play Sgt. Stanley Jefferson which was an interesting role to play. This was a >Marine with such strong values for his friends, on a mission. Extremely determined, Stanley couldn`t cope with the fact that he wasn`t able to accomplish his mission in New York City. The taunting flashbacks and intensity of the Bronx in New York City leaded him to desperate measures. I had a lot of fun on that project with my hometown friend,and creative partner Rodrigo Diaz McVeigh. It was great experience for us, we started a great team, and everyone felt it was the right time and place to make a film on the subject of war.

Denise: What are your plans for the future? 

Van:  I plan to move to Los Angeles and start auditioning next year. Study film while continuing my scene work in school. I also plan to finish the feature length script that I`m working on with Rodrigo Diaz McVeigh. Lastly, I plan to continue creating a team of individuals with dialectical ingenuity who strive to change the world with "DIAL DIRECTIONS".

Denise: One last question, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Van: I enjoy drawing, painting graffiti, reading, and writing on my spare time.

Denise: Thank you very much for talking with me Van, and keep up the great work.

To see Van in the trailer for "God Bless America" go to: