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Published:November 25th, 2007 09:21 EST
What AreYou Watching?

What AreYou Watching?

By Sean Stubblefield

Suppose you’re in the mood for some science fiction or CW-ish dramedies on TV.

The writers strike has interrupted your usual shows. Or maybe a season has gone into hiatus. Perhaps there’s nothing new or good on TV (or TIVO) when you want to watch, and you‘ve already seen all your DVDs. You could turn off the TV and read a book, or go outside for a bike ride. Or… you can visit the internets for web series, like these:

Dopler Effect

Every generation needs a new evolution. Today's technological accomplishments have finally led society over the threshold into the world that sci-fi writers only dreamt about before. A “science non-fiction” epic exploring the capacity of mankind to control its evolutionary development through scientific advancements. Dr. Dopler, former program director of a government group called DARPA, is at the vanguard of that evolution… and has gone rogue to usher in an age of Transhumanism.



His name is Russell Shoemaker. He sold technology to the world. When there was technology. And people to sell it to…

Follow the harrowing journey, as Russell travels cross country to hopefully find his family, seeking along the way to discover the truth behind “The Fall”-- which rendered more than 99.9% of the population missing and all technology dead.



A young artist and mathematician, after volunteering in a brain mapping experiment, begins seeing puzzling images he believes are visions of future events. Several years of repeated experiments cause his wife to leave him as he descends further into a maddening obsession to fit together pieces of a major global crisis about to occur. Eleven years and many crises later, he travels across the globe, leading a group of revolutionaries-- known as the Strawman Underground-- on a mission to out-maneuver the conspirators before they gain total control of the people.


Girl Trash

The story of three hapless chicks getting by any way they can. Tyler and Daisy are small-time criminals and best buds. Their friendship is put to the test when Tyler is seduced by the two-timing temptress, LouAnne. When LouAnne double-crosses Tyler and Daisy by stealing money from the local Kingpin, Tyler and Daisy are thrown into a world of trouble. They need to find the money and LouAnne before they turn up dead… or worse.


Zombie Emergency Response Operations

Z.E.R.O. : War of the Dead

Four members of the Security Division of the Zombie Emergency Response Operations task force deal with the consequences of an encroaching zombie horde, both in the field and out. Between bloody flashbacks, they recount the details of their latest mission to the organization’s assigned psychiatrist. Against the horrific backdrop of defending against the undead, we meet our protagonists and discover just what kind of personality it takes to make a living destroying the living dead.



(A planned online continuation of the popular sci-fi program about the adventures of an astronaut living among aliens after being worm-holed into a distant part of the galaxy)


Rachel’s Room

The original Lonelygirl15, before vlogging was mainstream, a teen girl tells the story of her life in a video journal as a form of self-therapy.



The experiences of a group of six creative twenty-something friends coming of age in the digital generation. And a social network about what it means to be creative, to pursue a passion, to make a difference in the world, or just to find a place in it. The title derives from the term “quarter life crisis”, applied to the period of life immediately following the major changes of adolescence.


We Need Girlfriends

Chronicles the adventures of Tom, Henry and Rod-- recent college graduates struggling to understand the complex world of the New York City dating scene after all three are simultaneously dumped by their long-term college girlfriends.


Dead Patrol

Several months after what seemed the end of the world, at a time when the walking dead outnumbered the living , the last ditch military plan went into effect. It was not a glamorous, well thought out plan, but it was simple and effective… and due to the dwindling numbers of humans, it was the last shot. Its objective: Destroy all of the living dead and reset society.

C.L.E.A.N. Units (Clear the Living, Evacuate And Nuke) comprised of National Guard and select volunteers, were formed and armed. Nuclear Weapons Specialists are embedded in each unit to arm and detonate the weapons in urban areas.