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Published:December 16th, 2007 03:05 EST
Keke Palmer visits Minnesota

Keke Palmer visits Minnesota

By Joseph Dillard

Annually, Radio Disney kicks off the Christmas season with an awesome 26-city Jingle Jam Tour. In past years, headliners have been hot artists such as B5, Everlife and the Jonas Brothers. The air was cold and the ground frozen, as I stepped out of the car toward my very first celebrity interview.

On November 24, 2007 in Stillwater, MN, I was privileged enough to be granted journalistic experience on a national tour, I was excited; but, I was also nervous as ever. This concert would really get me into the holiday spirit, I decided to cover the Jingle Jam stop in Stillwater, MN. A woman led me to the hotel room of the tour’s headliner: movie star and recording artist, Keke Palmer.

My nerves calmed gradually, as I had already met her once before and, after a re-acquaintance hug, I began.

A major part of this tour, including Drew Seeley (of the international phenomenon, High School Musical), is Keke’s promotion of her debut album entitled “So Uncool.” Keke described, to me, her album as “all about individuality.” Fans would be surprised to know that she loves to cook and do hair. I should’ve asked her to whip up something for me in the hotel kitchen…

In between her concert tour and filming her new movie in Louisiana, Keke Palmer doesn’t have too much time for normal teenager things—she didn’t even get to spend Thanksgiving at home with her family! Her dancers, however, have helped her through it. They’re all great friends, and as she says, “they bring all of their energy and we just have a great time.”

Keke Palmer is an amazing teen sensation. Be sure to check out her new album “So Uncool” in stores now!