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Published:December 17th, 2007 07:45 EST
NCIS' fourth season pulls more rank on DVD

NCIS' fourth season pulls more rank on DVD

By Garrett Godwin

Grab your gear for a year of romance and revelations with NCIS: The Complete Fourth Season, now available on DVD.

All 24 episodes with audio commentaries and several bonus extras, this is billed as the season of secrets.

The opener "Shalom" finds the team struggling to go on without Gibbs (Mark Harmon), who resigned at the conclusion of "Hiatus".  Though DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) is now leader, Gibbs comes back to help Ziva (Cote de Pablo) when she's suspected of murder.  At the start of season four, Gibbs is fully reinstated as leader of the team, and order has been restored.  However, his second-in-command, DiNozzo, slowly starts to show signs of maturity and growth as both an investigator and a man throughout this season.

Both men finally found budding romance in the fourth season: with Gibbs clashing -- and flirting-- with Army Lt. Col. Mann (Susanna Thompson), and Tony falling in love for the first time with Dr. Jeanne Benoit (Scottie Thompson).

And did I mention secrets were revealed this season?  "Twisted Sister" and "Cover Story" focused on McGee (Sean Murray), as the team discovers his other life outside of NCIS -- and it stars them ... and that is just the beginning.

In season four, medical examiner Ducky (David McCallum) becomes more involved with NCIS, as his degree in psychology allows him to act as a criminal profiler.  The episode "Blowback" finds him going uncover to nab La Grenouille (Armand Assante), the elusive, international arms dealer that Director Shepard (Lauren Holly) is willing to go the extremes to catch him as Gibbs went to his nemesis, Ari.

The finale "Angel of Death" sees NCIS under investigation, and wait for the last few minutes as the biggest secret of all is revealed.

Gear up and uphold the military chain of command with NCIS: The Complete Fourth Season, now available on DVD.