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Published:December 21st, 2007 00:59 EST
Should Elizabeth & Jason Make Their Relationship Public?

Should Elizabeth & Jason Make Their Relationship Public?

By Garrett Godwin

As far as she can remember, the first time Elizabeth Spencer may have fallen in love with Jason Morgan was the night they met at Jake's eight years ago, in late August 1999. 

Jason Morgan have always thought of Elizabeth Spencer as a friend.  Throughout the years, he realizes that she has become more than a friend.  However, he never realized that he would fall in love with her, or that Elizabeth would become the mother of their son, Jacob Martin.

Now, all that remains is that they should declare their love in front of the town of Port Charles, or keep their relationship under wraps.

On Wednesday's General Hospital, Jason & Elizabeth decide to have a secret love affair, and it is one of the several upcoming storylines at the start of 2008 on GH.  The voters at the SID poll agreed that their romance should be a private matter.

For now, Jason & Elizabeth's romance should be a private matter because they reach common ground; it is an opportunity for them to truly be together.  If people knew, then it may only be a matter of time before the truth of who Jake's natural father is comes out.  Another is that Elizabeth, Jake, and Cameron would be always be a target to Jason's enemies, meaning that they'd have to be protected at all times.  Though in love, Jason & Elizabeth are parents first, and they have to do what is best and safe for Jake.  But both can't help but long for the family and the life they truly want.

Having a secret romance can be scandalous and illicit, but it can also be sexy because it gives Jason & Elizabeth the chance to see each other, where circumstances can't keep them apart anymore, as they finally can't resist their attraction and decide to give in to their feelings, showing their love to no one ... but each other.

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