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Published:January 2nd, 2008 14:14 EST
Out on Video: Hott Fuzz

Out on Video: Hott Fuzz

By Benjamin O'Brien

Straight out of Britain with an attitude comes the astonishingly funny black comedy, Hot Fuzz. The follow up to Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright`s wildly popular zombie spoof, Shaun of the Dead, this film uses the same wry comedic style to parody America`s buddy cop " action film genre.

Pegg and Wright employ a subtle and somewhat intellectual brand of humor that serves as a delightful change from America`s in-your-face physical comedies. The jokes are perfectly timed and the movie`s dramatic elements are equally well done if not better. In all, the film`s script is probably the most insightful, driven and unmistakably brilliant piece of writing that the American comedic landscape has seen in years. With gritty violence that makes you squirm, innocent humor, laugh-out- loud insults, and the quick wit of Simon Pegg, Hot Fuzz is set to take America by storm.

Pegg stars as Sgt. Nicholas Angel, a London supercop whose record is so impressive he makes the rest of the department look bad. A trio of his superiors " fun cameos by Bill Nighy, Steve Coogan and Martin Freeman " figure their best chance at re-gaining the police force`s average standard is to re-route Angel. They decide to take the less tactful approach and hand him a promotion, banishing him to the sleepy little village of Sandford.

Touted as the safest town in England, Sandford is miraculously crime-free as the top of its most-wanted list consists of an escaped swan. The most exciting thing that happens at the local precinct is when someone buys a round of Black Forest Cake for everyone. The crime rate is low, but the accident rate is extremely high and when a number of dead bodies turn up killed in various gruesome ways Seargant Nichalos Angel and his bumbling sidekick PC Danny Butterman (Nick Frost) are on the case.

Frost and Pegg control this film from start to finish with a chemistry that is very unassuming and definitely gives the characters a certain believability. The brilliant script provides a perfect foundation for Edgar Wright`s direction, which has a distinctly British feel that lends itself to the country`s traditional sly comedic style. The post production, headed by Wright, also contributed to the Hot Fuzz giving the film`s violent deaths a special kick and various gun battles a real-life aspect that only seems to advance Pegg and Frost`s comedic appeal. The editing in this film was obviously approached in a minimalist fashion as the movie seems to leave nothing to chance, in the end resulting in a sort of drawn out feel to this 100 minute film`s conclusion. The explosion laced bloody massacre that ends this movie is its highlight, a totally new approach to Hollywood`s gun-battle with Butterman and Angel shooting it out with Sandford`s elderly townspeople and shopkeepers.

The American movie-going audience should gaze across the pond and take a look at Blighty`s latest production and feel lucky to have been allowed to experience it. If this sounds like love, it is. The comedy is timely, the drama is unforgettable and the direction and writing make Edgar Wright look like a genius.