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Published:January 28th, 2008 13:38 EST
Jason & Elizabeth: Daytime's Next Supercouple, Part II

Jason & Elizabeth: Daytime's Next Supercouple, Part II

By Garrett Godwin

Since Gloria Monty, General Hospital has redefine the daytime genre, bringing action, adventure, mystery, suspense, humor, and romance into their storylines. Because of Luke & Laura, the term “super couple” was born. However, fans have criticized the Emmy-winning soap for bringing the mob into the forefront, romanticizing Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan as heroes of Port Charles despite their criminal activities. Recently, in an ABC Soaps In Depth (SID) poll, fans voted that writers and producers should bring more love back into General Hospital, such as the story between Jason Morgan & Elizabeth Webber – known to fans as Liason. “Liz and Jason are bringing back romance and excitement in the afternoon,” stated Karen Fritz in an email to Soap Opera Weekly (SOW). “I hope we get to see them together for a long time.”

Like Carly Corinthos Jacks, there are several that don’t want this couple together. For instance, Amy, a fan of Jason & Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), believed that Jason & Elizabeth are better off as friends because Elizabeth is “a goody two-shoes”. Jolene, who also enjoys the friendship between them, believed that they’re not compatible as a couple. Other fans have been vocal about this pairing, stating that their relationship is based on secrets and lies.

But fans who love Liason disagreed because of the onscreen chemistry between their portrayers, Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst. “He [Jason] completes her [Elizabeth] and they balance one another out,” stated Wendy, one of the fans who attended the first annual Liason event last fall in Chicago. Besides the chemistry, what makes Liason work is the slow-yet-steady pace of their story being told. “It is rare in soaps that couples develop over time like Liason,” said Crystal, another fan who also went to the event. “They have an amazing love story.” Though they’re two people from two different worlds, there is a “story still to be [with Jason & Elizabeth],” according to Heather. Another reason is because Elizabeth, said Venita, brought out something in Jason – an emotion that no other woman has in a long time.

Despite the mixed reactions, Jason & Elizabeth are still in the Top 5 for in the SID poll for Favorite Couples, continuing to maintain a strong, dedicated following, as fans continue campaigning for them. Recently, 63% voted in a SID poll that the couple should be a family with their son, Jacob Martin, despite Jason’s dangerous lifestyle and the obstacles standing in the way of him and Elizabeth being together.

According to a recent SOW article, the dangerous yet secret Liason, as well as the return of Kristina Wagner as Felicia Jones, helped raised demos for General Hospital. “Liz and Jason are the main reason why I tune in [to General Hospital],” stated Jessica in an email she sent to the soap magazine. “Call me weird, but I like the fact that Jason and Liz loved others, had fights and made mistakes. I even like that Liz held a gun on Jason, because it proved that, despite everything, Jason and Liz have always been there for each other and have always found their way back to each other.”

Jason Morgan is a sinner because he is a hit man who breaks the law and kills people – the life of an enforcer for Sonny Corinthos’ organization. However, he is also a flawed saint: a fallen, dark angel that watches over the people that he loves; a dark knight in shining armor that protects those closest to him. Jason is the champion of freedom that never tells people what to do or how to live their lives. Strong yet silent and deadly yet sensitive, he is also patient, gentle, understanding, compassionate, and loyal to a fault. He understands the life he leads and accepts the risks and consequences that come along with it. Jason Morgan is a noble criminal/outlaw/rebel, a bad boy with a heart of gold, and a romantic hero.

Elizabeth Webber is an imperfect heroine, a flawed good girl that does bad things but does them for the right reasons (to protect the ones she loves). She is also a hardworking and dedicated nurse, as well as a loving and nurturing mother that has an unknown inner strength, as she is willing to protect her children and keep them safe.

As parents of Jacob Martin, Jason & Elizabeth aren’t out to hurt anyone, because they are trying to make sure that their son has a better life and doesn’t get caught in the crossfire of Jason’s lifestyle. They were never out to hurt anyone, in fact; Jason & Elizabeth are parents doing what is best for Jake as they don’t want their son to suffer for the choices Jason makes, as well as making Jake paid for his father’s sins.

What Jason & Elizabeth have, according to Ann (a Liason fan), is truly based on trust, respect, and friendship. “They are perfect for one another,” said Jen, another fan. “They don’t lie to one another or keep secrets too long.” But it is also based acceptance, tolerance, and love. “No one and nothing will ever destroy the bond they have,” Jessica said. “Liz and Jason aren’t perfect, but they are perfect for each other”. What this star-crossed couple has is a love so powerful and strong, it is not just theirs to keep, but it is also “Ours to Keep”.