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Published:February 18th, 2008 03:22 EST
Terminator 4 Floors Cameron, Trouble Brewing for 'The Hobbit'

Terminator 4 Floors Cameron, Trouble Brewing for 'The Hobbit'

By SOP newswire

By Jim Dorey

Firstly, I am sorry to pass along that things are not looking rosy at all for "The Hobbit" getting made on Peter Jackson's original schedule. Of course, the Tolkien Trust lawsuit throws a huge wrench into the works, but on top of that, my source reports that Time/Warner is seriously considering a large cutback in personnel at New Line. A very large cutback that will order New Line to trim itself relatively soon; no exact time line yet on this.

Secondly, Kirsten Myburgh has NOT been confirmed as being cast as the lead in "Tintin", but rather is simply another one of the casting calls at this point. A short list if you will. However, there remains strong interest in him and he could very well be chosen.

Thirdly, I can confirm without a shadow of a doubt that James Cameron is NOT directing one of the "Tintin" trilogy movies. The term used by my source is, and I quote: "Absolute Bullshit". You can take that to the bank. We still stand behind our man Robert Zemeckis as being the third director for the "Uber 3D Director Trio" joining Spielberg and Jackson. As I previously posted today, Cameron is more than likely lending out his 3D facilities for the "Tintin" shoot.

Fourthly, we can confirm that James Cameron is elated with McG who is directing the fourth Terminator picture. He is especially happy with the selection of Christian Bale as the older John Connor. After being somewhat distant and vocal about his disappointment in Terminator 3 (he said: "The film is very spunky, perhaps too spunky") Cameron is now feeling the pride of a father as he sees his child grow up and he wants to help out. Despite losing control over the franchise, he did indeed recommend Sam Worthington to McG for the Marcus role. The audience will be able to identify with Marcus a great deal, even as the movie turns very dark in the future time line. They also spoke at length about visual style and what events should take place in the movie. Call Cameron's involvement: "Executive Producer-In-Law".

I simply LOVE that Cameron is even a little involved here! Yes, Terminator 4 is not in 3D, but heck, I have got the info, so I am gonna share! When Terminator came out, and I heard all the effects and story hype, I was skeptical because they didn't spend all that much money. But Cameron really pulled it off and in typical style - changing Hollywood. I have a deep seeded feeling that "Avatar" is going really blow the lid off of things for the industry - the guy has the guts AND the budget! Cameron is the very definition of "paradigm shift."