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Published:February 24th, 2008 05:44 EST
Askin Ozcan Torpedoes the Literary World with his Red Submarine

Askin Ozcan Torpedoes the Literary World with his Red Submarine

By SOP newswire

Askin Ozcan, originally a native of Istanbul, Turkey, has recently copyrighted "The Red Submarine," a novelette, for a film of espionage, suspense, romance, music and humor.

Stockholm, Sweden - Askin Ozcan, a new Turkish author in international markets, has lived in nine countries and worked in diverse professions such as architecture, education, journalism, travel agency management and industrial consultancy. The wide spectrum of his life experience gave him a colorful base to write books and novelettes for films.

His first book, "The Second Venice" ISBN 1598000888 (Outskirts Press) became a success in humor. Describing an imaginary "Second Venice" built by Pshht Cola and McBigBite, beside the real Venice, after the Italian Government's passing a law to limit the number of tourists to Venice, to protect it, got worldwide reviews in important newspapers, TVs, magazines, internet papers and forums.

His second book, "Small Miracles" ISBN 159800100 (Outskirts Press) is a very interesting collection of thirty stunning miraculous events and incidents Askin Ozcan has experienced in his own life. A copy has been presented to H.H. The Pope Benedictus XVI and has been well received. This book too, has been reviewed in many media internationally.

His third book is a poetry collection: "Lightning and a Bouquet of Roses" ISBN 1424111870 contains among many heartfelt poems, two award winning poems: "Thunderstorm" which won the title "The Best poem of 2006" in Muses Review and "Costa del Sol", the title "The Best Travel Poem of 2006" in the same review. Many of his poems have also been published in international anthologies and one of his poems "Shake It, Baby!" also became a song, as a famous Russian singer, "Grace", composed a truly vibrant and moving melody to it.

His fourth book, "Wisdom In Smile" ISBN 142577153X (Xlibris) contains twenty two humorous and philosophical short stories and other writings which provide an occasion for a very pleasant reading.

His fifth book, "Stockholm Stories" ISBN 1425771629 (Xlibris) is his memoirs from his thirty years of residence in this lovely city of the North. Written with an unbiased and lucid style, the book gives an account about the life in Stockholm, changes which took place in it in thirty years, about the author's personal observations, experiences, dreams, disappointments and happy times in it. A must read for a person interested in learning about Stockholm and about the life in this Nordic Country.

Askin Ozcan has now copyrighted a new novelette for a film, to be titled "The Red Submarine" or "The Mini-Submarine", a dynamic adventure and espionage story based partly on real events, incorporating much suspense, romance, humor and music and is looking for a producer. Mr. Eduardo Coronado, a known film director has shown interest to direct the film and a few Russian film producers also show interest in this film, as the story is about a mini-submarine which lands on the Stockholm archipelago, after an instrument failure. The film is to be shot in Stockholm mostly and partly in St. Petersburg, Russia and partly in a big yacht, belonging to one of Russia's new billionaires.

All of Askin Ozcan's books, except his novelette, are available as retail, from 200 Internet bookshops including and,, under his name and from 25,000 bookstores, upon giving their ISBN. The novelette, "The Red Submarine" will be put on the market, after a film is made.

As wholesale, books are available from the world's largest book wholesaler,