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Published:April 12th, 2008 11:58 EST
Vestige of the Vox Populi # 79

Vestige of the Vox Populi # 79

By Sean Stubblefield

DUDE! And Sweet.

Judging from this trailer, the upcoming Batman: Gotham Knight anthology film is gonna be awesome. Comprised of six animated short films that function as chapters in a single larger story, Gotham Knight does for Batman what Animatrix did for The Matrix.

Set in-between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight motion pictures, each segment has its own writing and artistic style, intending to depict innovative interpretations of the Batman character and story.


To be released on DVD July 8, 2008...

The special features include a documentary covering the well-known Batman characters, an audio commentary, a chronology on Batman creator Bob Kane, followed by bonus episodes from the classic Batman: The Animated Series and a sneak peek at the next movie of the DC Universe Original Animated Movies line: Wonder Woman