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Published:May 10th, 2008 09:39 EST
The Two Davids: An American Idol Presentation

The Two Davids: An American Idol Presentation

By Garrett Godwin

Syesha Mercado has made the Final 3, but sadly, she's the girl in the middle. The real focus on this season's American Idol is David Archuleta and David Cook, who are predicted to be the final two by Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson.

"It's about a boy" Jackson said when he and Simon came to CNN's Larry King Live last month. "It's about a boy that's going to win this year."

Paula Abdul, the woman in the middle of the judging trio, also has the same prediction.

"You take David Archuleta and David Cook - two different singers" she stated. "Both great and both different and unique."

Most recently, Simon said that Archuleta is "the one to beat". "This guy is going to have the teen vote" Cowell explains. "He's going to have what I call the granny votes. The kids love him."

While agreeing that Archuelta is "one of the ones to beat" for being a "really, really talented" performer, Jackson is worried that the 17-year-old has hit his peak too soon.

"I think his big thing is he started out with a big splash" he said. "It's about picking the right song. And it's hard to know who you are at 17. But I think he's got an idea. He just has to stick to his heart."

Show host Ryan Seacrest said that while Archuelta is "right up here at the top of the crop"; he agreed with Jackson that "it's hard to maintain that each and every week". "That's his challenge, I think" Ryan continues.

But Paula has discovered that Archuelta has been performing "for a long time", so his success on American Idol isn't overnight. "When we were on the road", she said, "I kept referring to him as the 16-year-old savant. He really has that presence. He knows who he is."

But, wait. What about the other David - David Cook? Well, according the judges, he has a good sense of being an artist.

"Definitely a favorite" Jackson responds. "He is definitely one of my favorites. I think he's got a shot at winning this whole thing, this kid."

Paula feels the same way about Cook, who she describes an "amazing" and "fantastic" artist.

"This is the guy I would actually choose to listen to on a personal level" Simon compliments. "Forget what I think about the business. I like this guy. I think he's very good."

Ryan has defined Cook as a performer who "sort of broken down the walls of this competition" and his appeal is that he's "not just a traditional pop artist".

"I think this is one of our most original casts" Jackson said. "These couple kids I see this time have more originality. They're taking a little more chances, I think."

Source: Reality TV World