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Published:May 19th, 2008 06:08 EST
Fako Film Festival in Cameroon

Fako Film Festival in Cameroon

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

(You may have to wait a little while before the video can be played.)

It all started today and it is in Fako.

Alliance camerounaise took up the initiative to organize a film festival in Fako, sponsor official " Orange Cameroon in collaboration with the ministry of culture.

This milieu was aimed at bringing amateur and professionals in the hall of cinematography sharing experience and looking forward for better films in Buea, southwest province.

The festival that started Tuesday May 13, 2008 " Saturday May 17,2008. With a press conference and an official launching by the top government officials.

Within the 5 days sessions, outlined are some of the activities that took place;

Actors` workshop by Dr. Kilo

Film production seminars by Mr. Kome Mathias, Mrs. Yolande Ekoumou, Mr. Christopher Selambi, and Mr. Alan Biozi.

Shooting workshop by Mr. Ngwebang, Mr. Gobina Simon.

And a conference on Cameroon Anglophone cinema problems, perspectives with young film director by Mr. Mollo Ollingo (international film critic-, Mr. Telesfor Bizo.

Thereafter, each session where film projections, out of the 30 films submitted, 16 were chosen and projected. among the 16, the best female actress Juliet Emade came from Woman`s Scar, Jane come from a part of the world were female genital circumcision is a custom. While in her marital home, she was unable to conceive because when she was circumcised and her womb was destroy. And today she is in pain yet nobody understands her, people think she is a witch. Her husband is wanting to get another wife.

Director, Kamwa Anthony was also awarded best price by the juries for Woman`s Scar.

(+237) 77 68 94 89

Best male actor comes from the film Epassa Motto "the half man, half stones`. Epassa motto the god who lives only on the Mount Cameroon, feeds only on albino. It all happened that there came a time, the indigenous had no albinos for sacrifice. Then God got annoyed and erupted it destroying the entire village.

I think that is the reason why Mt. Cameroon hasn`t seized becoming volcanic (I suspect only, don`t quote me).

Epasa Motto 1hour 30 seconds

Director:   Vahid Ashu

In addition were films like Break in which is a soap opera won the prize of best film by the public. 

Bill the gangster who had ran away from home before his father was murdered by unknown men of the underworld.

In one of his robberies, he accidentally opened a drawer only for him to see his father`s assumed lost documents.

25 minutes 00seconds per episode

Director Bill.N.Mosah

Memorable night.

A story of a 3 young ladies who decided to out go and catch fun. Unfortunate for them, all the taxis that carried them wanted them to be an accomplice.  

45minutes 15 seconds.

Director Didi Lobe Elangwe


When people talk of cinema, he talks.

When they talk of movies, he is heard.

There is film and there is FILM.

There is a director and there is a DIRECTOR.

There overall best of the best is RETRIBUTION!!!.

Watch "..

Director  E.T.Rene

(+237) 96 65 44 30

Online contacts: