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Published:May 31st, 2008 00:57 EST

Vestige of the Vox Populi #85

By Sean Stubblefield

The future has arrived!

Treat yourself to the perfect woman.

The woman of your dreams can soon be yours...


You`ve heard of the Real Doll? Robotic specialists Etienne Fresse and Yoichio Yamato, co-founders of the company AI ROBOTIC, have developed a robotic simulucrum as a so-called "Perfect Woman".


No, this is not an episode from The Outer Limits TV show.

Equipped with vocal, tactile and visual recognition, she can learn and have conversations. She understands you and adapts to your household needs, she cleans, she cooks, she... well, use your imagination. Technologically impressive. She does pretty much whatever you tell her to?


At first, I was skeptical. Was this for real? A hoax or a prank? The robot-- whose name is Lisa-- looks almost realistic and moves semi-realistically, but I’ve seen actors and models made up to look and move just as this model does, while imitating a (stereotypically cliche`d) robot. But apparently, this is legit.

The creators of Lisa-bot claim that she is designed and intended to be a substitute for a real woman. Seriously?

Doesn`t sound like the perfect woman to me. Certainly not my ideal for a Real woman, and totally not a substitute for the real thing. Do not fool yourselves, this is at worst a slave, and at best a servant. Lisa`s protocols are too unsophisticated for her to be anything else.

Exactly how much autonomy and creative capacity Lisa has, I am unclear on. Is she programmed with the 3 laws of robotics? What are the legal and ethical ramifications involved? Is our contemporary society ready for this? Will this new tool be used to enhance the human condition, or debase it?


For more info, visit:

Thanks to the support of numerous foreign investors, Lisa will be presented to the public on June 11, 2008.

Note: according to the site, a male version is forthcoming.