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Published:June 19th, 2008 15:45 EST
Interview with Cameroonian Producer, Scriptwriter and actress

Interview with Cameroonian Producer, Scriptwriter and actress

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

On behalf of the SOP, I present to you itambi Dephine .a scriptwriter, producer and actress.

Dephine, could you please tell us a little about yourself?


I am a Cameroonian by nationality, coming from Oshie in the Momo division.

I am the fifth out of a family of six, final year student from the University of Buea, reading Chemistry as a major, material sciences as a minor.

Before I forget, I am normally known as Delit, it is actually the first three initials of Delphine and first two of itambi. Combined.


How come you are reading chemistry, but then into showbiz?


Well! Well, it is a hobby and I got the passion from when I was a kid. I can remember I started writing in class seven, but then I was mostly into poetry. While in secondary school, I read a lot of novels and I took the step of trying to write my own novel. (Laughing) although I did not finish it, it is still in my cupboard.

After my ordinary level, I made it well both in the arts and science subjects, but as a child I had always grown up with the zeal of becoming a medical doctor, so I decided to enrolled in to the university reading chemistry because I was sure that with a BSC in chemistry, things will be easier getting in to a school of medicine as my Dad (blessed memory) always wanted. So, I suppressed what actually made me happy. But after writing a number of scripts which were appreciated by a number of scripters, I discovered that it will be better if I go for what makes me happy. I am happy now, not only because I followed my heart`s desire but also because my family supported my idea.


From the little I know, I hear you have just produced your first movie entitled? `A woman`s world`.

Whoa!  I love the title.


Thank you Zoneziwoh.

I am glad you love the title but I know you will fall in love with the movie.

A woman`s world is a story of a young girl who is impregnated by the boyfriend and forced to commit an abortion. In the course, the doctor in charge discovers she is bleeding a lot so tells the boyfriend that she might not make it. He kills the doctor and escapes.

This girl is later rescued and after some time, she travels abroad. Years later, she is back home for her revenge.


What! For her revenge?

Why the title, a woman`s world?

(Smile) Delit:  You know I am interested in what ever has to do with women empowerment?

Is it what I am thinking?


(Chuckle) yes! And no!

Yes in the sense that in the movie you will find a woman who is authoritative. But no! Because actually a woman`s world here represents her womb.



What were the difficulties you encounter during the production?


For the pre-production, since this is my first movie, it was quite difficult bringing people together to make them understand my views.

At the Production stage, a lot of late coming from the actors, actresses and even some technical crew members.

The worse part of it was when one of the cameras that was being used for behind the scene stuff fell into the sea at Seme beach.

I got so stressed up to the extent that I slept while on set and did not witness the last few minutes of my production which ended at 2:30 am. Thank God I woke up in the morning and saw the last tape, although my entire crew were sleeping.

Presently, I am into post production. I tell you what! It is hell. Especially when there is little or no money.


What do you mean by little or no money? Don`t you have sponsors, executive producers?


(Sigh)  I wish I had.

To be frank, I have been the sponsor or call it executive producer but for Seme beach hotel which offered us a number of services like transportations to and from Limbe, accommodation for two days as well as meals.

Permit me to take this opportunity to thank the entire crew, family and friends for their endless supports for this project.


Are you sure you will be able to carry on with the project up to mass production?


Like I said before, there is little or no money in the editing studio, meaning I can`t take it from here, without an executive producer. Besides, if I could lay my hands on a substantial amount of money that can facilitate the work up to mass production, then I could come to an agreement.


I wish I could help.

I am a 100% confident that with this preview, I bet you will find sponsors even sooner.

Well, how do you get your inspiration?


From daily happenings around me, conversations and some times imagination etc.


Hope you wouldn`t mind if I intrude in to your personal life.

Are you married?

Who is your mentor?

Which actor do you love, I don`t mean admire?

What are some of your best movie, best TV show?


Married No, still waiting for Mr. Right.

Actually I am a mentor to myself, besides I have admired people like Kamwa Anthony (award winning director), Etta Rene Ebot (award winning director), Agbor Gilbert (award winning producer) and you Zoneziwoh, I love your acting spirit.

Point of correction, I don`t love any actor, I admire most but I have an editor who to me is never wrong, he is A.B.E, I mean I love him.

Some of my best movies are Retribution, Woman`s scar, Henry`s Mercy, Prison break, Last don, Blues kingdom, and A woman`s world.

Best TV show is Tyra banks.


What! You don`t mean it; do you like Tyra more than I do? No! I adore her

(Laugh) to me, she is never wrong.

Delit, thanks for your patience and time.

I can`t wait to watch A Woman`s World as soon as possible.

Do you have any words for young aspiring writers, producers? and what could be the way further for Cameroon Anglophone film industry?


For the young aspiring producers, I could only say, if you never try, you will never know you can. So irrespective of the stress involve, it`s a passion, never ever let it go.

Regarding the Cameroon Anglophone film industry, it`s up to them. If they want to succeed then let`s try as much as possible to gear towards professionalism. Again, it is time for us to keep aside jealousy, hatred and employ love, motivation to one and other


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