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Published:July 22nd, 2008 09:41 EST
What's Up With Katie Holmes' Purple Hands?

What's Up With Katie Holmes' Purple Hands?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Celebrities are always under the microscope, every aspect of their appearance is fair game for reporters, comics and pundits. Recently the tabloids went apoplectic over Sarah Jessica Parker`s veiny hands. The poor woman is 43, we shouldn`t expect her to have angelic-looking hands. With a horsey-looking face, I`m surprised anyone noticed her hands. May the gods forgive me for that crack.

 Katie HolmesNow it`s Katie Holmes` hands that have the media in a frenzy-- the starlet`s hands have a purplish tint. If there is any hint of weirdness emanating from TomKat, the obvious culprit is Scientology.

We have observed how when Tom Cruise rants about Scientology he gets red in the face, but is Scientology responsible for Katie Holmes purple hands?

"Apparently Katie Holmes has been hiding her hands recently because they`ve turned purple as a result of a risky Scientology Purification Rundown ritual.

In photos you can see her wearing gloves or long sleeves that cover her hands. Rumor has it that her hands turned purple by the Scientology ritual called "purification rundown" or Purif. It involves super-doses of certain vitamins that are supposed to rid the body of toxins and results in the discoloration of the hands. The dosage is so high that they`re called "vitamin bombs".

Purple hands are a piece of cake, though, when you consider the other possible side effects of purification rundown! Serious side effects can include liver damage, hair loss, brain swelling, nausea, fatal heart and respiratory failure, peptic ulcers, and skin rashes. Shouldn`t a "cleansing" result in the body being healthier? It sure doesn`t sound very clean or pure to me!"

Quotation from:

Katie Holmes should also be hiding her crazy husband, and her crazy Scientology beliefs.

If a ritual turns your hands purple, that may be a sign that you belong to a cult.

I`m hoping that when Katie Holmes finally comes to her senses and divorces Tom Cruise, that she will also divorce herself from Scientology.