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Published:August 15th, 2008 16:13 EST
Lovely Comedian Jennifer Wilkinson

Chase Von Interviews Lovely Comedian Jennifer Wilkinson!

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

Chase Von: Hey Jen, when we spoke on the phone you confirmed it for me! You are an Angel! On behalf of myself and the Student Operated Press! I want to thank you for finding the time to do this interview!

Lovely Comedian Jennifer WilkinsonBefore we get into other things, what was your childhood like?

Jen: Thank you for your work and amazing poetry. I do love meeting like-minded individuals. Ah yes the age old childhood beginnings. I have to say my childhood was a happy coming of age. I feel fortunate to have had parents who focused on instilling manners, hard work and the value of relationships.

I may have decided to go a little less Politically Correct to their liking, yet this may be a "sign of the times" in being real could be a value they did not get would just be me being totally real with people.  

Yet, back to the childhood, even with being an only child, I did have to earn what I got. For instance, even with the means my parents had to purchase things for me. Like a TV in my room as a teenager, my parents opted to have me work off anything like this with documented chores overtime. I appreciate this as it shows we do not get any "freebies" and life is what we truly make it to be.

My parents were strict and although I moaned over the early curfews or disciplines given, looking back, I am so grateful as this really was a realistic picture to how the real world is. Things do not come to you, you work for it.

Chase Von: I`ve always thought that comedians have to be some of the smartest people on the planet.

Because you have to think outside the box and then bring it back in a way the rest of us can understand it.

When as you were growing up, did your mind start to do that and is it something that you can`t turn off?

Jen: It is true. I can be some times a little too "on ?. When I was about five or six that`s when it really started to click.   I have a mind that is truly interested in human nature and like to perhaps at times go a little too deep in understanding trends or how things work.

I have learned that when you are speaking to someone interested on THAT subject is the time it may be to go "analytical".

Yet for the most part it is more "fun" to speak to your target audience as to what people like or know. Yet, when younger, adults got a kick out of how much I would share yet now in the "adult" world we may be all on information overload so to focus to people`s interest makes more sense or you "lose your audience".

Chase Von: When I was in my first war, we had to set up tents. I remember a Sgt that said to me, Private? Can you work any slower? I stopped. Everyone was looking at us. And I looked up in the sky and then down and rubbed my chin. I then said, after I had dramatically given it much thought. (Smile). You know Sgt? I hadn`t really thought about it but... If I apply myself and used all the things the military and people like you have taught me. I really think it is possible... I could work slower.... (Smile).

The troops fell out laughing. Even he who at first turned red started laughing....

He used it to rally us back together and really start working but GOD it was hot!!!!
How do you think humor positively affects our lives Jen?

Jen: Well first off all, I can say this, "God bless the troops!" Without the bravery and action we would not have been as safe and well off as we have been all these years. And yes in hot weather and constant "alert conditions" I can only say to keep the humor is a measure of superiority yet... overall a sense of humor is essential to even the toughest of circumstances.

It is not to say this SHOULD happen yet if we can do it, I feel this is one of the keys to releasing any negativity logically to feel. So humor for me is something I continue to appreciate and celebrate especially when we have justified reasons to instead of complaining.

Chase Von: I saw your video of where you`re dancing. (Smile). If folks want to know what I said in comments they can visit there but, how do you stay so slim and attractive and what are some of your favorite meals and do you have to stay away from them sometimes to stay in shape?

Jen: Oh Chase, this is where I have to fight the battle of "thin is not so in". Actually I have to make sure to eat 5 meals a day just so I am not a stick. So although I know it sounds fun, I appreciate and KNOW many a men want a woman with a figure. So thank you yet I am blessed with not fighting the scale yet I too want to have some meat!

Actually ironically I am frustrated now as I have a tiny belly so I know it is time to hit the gym and yes I will be doing this 3-4 times a week so I can gain a little mass and minus the belly again.

Chase Von: You`ve been in a few movies. And when I say movies I am talking about real actual stars! How has pursuing your dreams and doing things like that made you realize by following your heart you are on the right path?

And can you share with our readers some of the incredible people you have met?

Jen: Wow. I can not tell you how blessed I have been. I think when amongst talent and those that have worked their way to great heights in the tough business of entertaining is to most of all just be "real".

There are so many wanting the light and too often those in the spotlight get bombarded
with people trying for the "short cuts" or just "give to me" and walk away approach.

I have had too many to count brushes or in some cases meaningful conversations with those in the know and whom had worked so hard to get there.

I think all people wanted to be respected for who they are and not what you may get from them. If you are being "you" and plus you are driven, people of great talent are not afraid to help you out and respect that you still appreciate help. I do not think many made it without a mentor or someone who believed in them, yet again, this is not a hand me out, more a huge blessing that most favor or opportunity given from our own hard work and focus.

Chase Von: I`m married, but you are still very attractive. (Smile). How difficult is it for you to live life and think that people are genuine or just want to be with you because they know you are eventually going to be a huge star?

Jen: Nah, I will tend to be drawn to people for the long haul that are genuinely being themselves. Yet, again, I also understand anyone wanting to find a way to their calling or passions and are unsure how to get there.

All and all, I am aware I would love to be trusted with the job to entertain full time and want this, I also know it is not so much the "big star" as the destination, so much as the work we ourselves give and put out that shows we may be even close to that responsibility.

Really this all is about what is the gift we have that really is applicable to our talents. So if someone is reaching out to me, ask anyone who has been watching, if I am accessible. Frankly, I interact with all that I can that is real to me.

Chase Von: What projects have you recently completed and what are some future projects you can share with our readers you are going to be in?

Jen: I am excited that I am getting more exposure to hosting shows. I am blown away it has even involved my booking some well known in the world of comedy celebrities or talent.

There is a show this early Fall I hope to have an opportunity to tie to a charity also. I think it is nice when the comedy "voice" can also show their sincere interest in making a positive impact to the community/world at large.

Heck, just making a room full of strangers laugh is indeed a contribution in my book. So to tie the show back to giving earnings to a verified good cause demonstrates even further how much we can do for positive impacts. So I am focused on the back-end a little these days and like the responsibilities this holds.

Chase Von: A lot of comedians have died, or taken their own lives. I was really blown away when I found out Bernie Mac Died.

I don`t really know the specifics but comedy is not an easy profession.

Is this something you think about as well, because to be on stage and crack a joke is one thing but what you say sticks? How do you balance that out and know you are saying things you can live with?

Jen: Sure, sure. It really is tough. A comic, that gets the most audience connection, usually has been the most raw or "naked".

Real time...

So a piece of ourselves and certainly energy goes to the illustration in words and action to the life experience.

Although comedy can be fun and silly, often and what I strive to grow to is with delivering the frustrations or "truths" so that we can laugh even when it may be some thing you would never say out loud. Overall, if we do not have malice, prejudices or bias, we may say anything and with that create a perhaps long needed laugh at society as a whole!

Chase Von: Can you share with our readers any future projects you might be working on?

Jen: So as I shared, I will be more focused on hosting shows and involved in the creative process for the audience experience. For now, I find this to be rewarding. For the long term, I would like to return to acting and earn my way up to a featured role in a complex character in a movie. I am always open for a challenge!


In the past I have worked with Greg Wilson (IMDb credits listed at,  KVON (Hollywood Improv Sat host and to be found at

Ian Edwards (Comedy Central

the amazing Toogie Jackson (you tube footage with Darren Carter and been recognized by some of the greats such as Richard Jeni (Comedy Central and "The Mask" with Jim Carrey) and Kyle Cease (Comedy Central favorite) and other amazing talented comedians such as Sandra Vals ( and this is just to highlight a few...I  do know I ma leaving out some for now, Chase.  Yet this talent I even got to meet blows my mind!


Chase Von: How important is family to you, and what is your take on the state of our current world?

Jen: I feel that family, as we define that, is essential. We may define our families by the ones we create if we find our partner later in life. Yet, if we are open, we can develop a family-like system amongst friends.

I myself have family yet I do find it becomes redefined to extend outside the boundaries of "blood relatives" too.

The overall concept of having a selective group who keeps us humble, accountable and honest is the whole benefit to keeping consistent ties to those who love us. I do think the more people who expand their needs to include others (i.e. in working with the people they live with, work with and share communities with) we, individually, benefit from this. There is nothing harder, next to financial or health struggles, that compares to being lonely or isolated.

Chase Von: What would you say, if you were standing in front of a microphone that could be heard by every child on the planet and regardless of what language it was they spoke, they would understand you? What positive advice would you give the children, if that were possible?

Jen: The overall message would be that the best we can do despite what others might say different around us (parent, teacher, coach, friend or counselor) is to chose to do what we want to do.

It is important to adhere to guidance given especially from those more experienced or vested in our success, however if we also measure in our own natural instincts or desires to focus on what we want, I think we are living to our true purpose. 

The best part of doing what you really love is that money and security will follow even though perhaps sometimes it may not always be "logical". 

How ever, from my experiences, I suggest to have several plans of action and to develop skills through education and hands-on experience to continue to master, where we fit in and add value to the world as a whole.

Chase Von: Where can our readers find your movie links, shows and other things related to your comedy? And the lovely and talented you?

Jen: Well, I will be posting the new generation stuff by Winter 2008 as this develops is the goal. I would say I utilize the Myspace the best I can for now until I decide the best plan of action. Do not be surprised in the next year if I do create a central web site to deliver the AOL, Google, face book and/or other sources into one.

Yet, being a person of "show me the money" I take baby steps until it seems a grand plan is necessary. So the best is to Google me as I am certain this article itself will be in the tops yet for now my space is my main source from


Chase Von: On behalf of The Operated Student Press and me Jen, thanks so much for giving us some of your time.

You are a very lovely woman and a genuinely sweet one. Having actually spoken to you I can only hope that all your dreams come true, because you are a true sweet heart!

I am wishing you love and light always and thanks again for sharing yourself with our readers.

Jen: This is another blessing/experience for me and talking to you Chase, reminds me why this is really an amazing journey to even be on! Thank you for your light always!