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Published:September 3rd, 2008 10:23 EST
Vegetarian Actress Caught Dining At KFC

Vegetarian Actress Caught Dining At KFC

By Robert Paul Reyes

"VEGETARIAN star Sophie Monk has been dubbed two-faced after she was snapped with food from a KFC restaurant.

Monk previously lashed out at KFC when she posed nude for the animal rights activist group PETA, in October 2007.

After doing the sexy photoshoot, she admitted she was a vegetarian and only ate at vegetarian restaurants as they have the `best food`.

She also criticized KFC eaters, saying: `I think the message to KFC eaters (is that) you should think about what you`re eating. If you`re eating deformed animals that are being induced by hormones, you know, it cannot be good for you.`",22606,24244505-5006343,00.html

I`m an animal rights activist, but I`m not a vegetarian. I could never give up juicy steaks, yummy shrimp, greasy burgers or delicious fried chicken. 

I don`t think Sophie is a hypocrite, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. How can anyone, even a model and actress, pass up the delicious aroma of fried chicken? 

I hope PETA doesn`t stop using her nude photos, she`s the foxiest vegetarian (real or fake) in Hollywood. She should be afforded an opportunity to apologize for yielding to temptation. Ricki Lake is a vegetarian, and as far as I know she`s never been caught stuffing her mouth with a Big Whooper, but I`d rather see Sophie pose naked for PETA.

I`m a big Sophie Monk fan and I would forgive her even if she was caught roasting a whole pig in her backyard.