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Published:September 25th, 2008 12:36 EST
What Debate Crisis? Let the Messiah Debate the Balding Plagiarist!

What Debate Crisis? Let the Messiah Debate the Balding Plagiarist!

By John Lillpop



With John McCain taking the high road and committing to work on behalf of the American people rather than wasting time in a silly debate with an out-of-miracles Messiah, there is a real possibility that the Anointed One will have the stage all to himself at the University of Mississippi on Friday.

One can just see the scene: An auditorium full of cheering students, the full contingent of network goons and media types on hand, and an anxious nation of 100 million people tuned in for the big event.

In the extreme left corner of the ring, we have a 120-pound wuss, former community organizer, Jesus imposter, and Marxist from Chicago.

In the right corner of the ring, we have an empty chair, emblematic of the empty suit from Arizona who is spending the weekend in Washington, D.C. trying to raise $700 billion dollars to save the nation. That is one heck of a lot of pencils to sell, but this McCain dude is one dedicated public servant.

What to do? All those people, all those cameras, all that network time set up for a big-league debate and now one of the combatants has tanked!

Before some idiot from the Bush administration gives the networks and the attending students a couple of billion dollars to atone for McCain`s toxic no-show and adds said billions to the bailout package, why not apply some creative imagination to the situation?

After all, when you think about it, who needs John McCain to stage a bitter debate anyway?

Barack Obama and Joe Biden have been at each others throats all week, especially on issues involving the monster bailout and the two of them could debate the wisdom of the AIG rescue.

Earlier in the week, Obama essentially said that Biden should keep his mouth shut on topics with which he is not knowledgeable, which means that Biden should simply shut up.

Let Obama explain that remark and defend his knot-headed judgment in selecting Biden to begin with as CNN`s cameras zoom in nice and close!


Then there was the Biden misspeak in which he called the Obama campaign mocking of John McCain a "terrible" thing.

Let the two lefties fight that one out on live television come Friday.

Of course, if worse comes to worse, Obama can always debate himself.

You know, he could present both sides of his flip flop arguments on abortion, troop withdrawal from Iraq, and a host of other issues in which the Anointed One has made illogical arguments on both sides.

Who needs John McCain when you have a two-faced hypocrite like Obama around?