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Published:September 26th, 2008 10:36 EST
Magician David Blaine To Hang Upside Down For 60 Hours

Magician David Blaine To Hang Upside Down For 60 Hours

By Robert Paul Reyes

Magician, illusionist and performance artist David Blain has been submerged in a water-filled sphere for seven days, sealed inside a transparent Plexiglas case suspended 30 feet in the air, and encased in a massive block of ice located in Times Square.

Info obtained from Wikipedia

What can Blain do for an encore?

"Blaine, a 35-year-old magician and showman, strung himself upside down above Central Park`s Wollman ice skating rink on Monday and plans to stay there for 60 hours.

Wearing a safety harness attached to a crossbar, Blaine dangled by his feet from a large steel scaffold structure.

The spectacle is due to conclude on a prime-time television special Wednesday night when Blaine takes what he calls the "Dive of Death" and falls 44 feet (13.4 metres) to the ground."


Blaine is running out of tests of endurance that are unique and entertaining, maybe he should try making cards disappear.

There`s no shortage of young athletic persons who can hang upside down for a few days, this doesn`t require any skill or intelligence. In fact anyone who pulls such a stunt displays a remarkable lack of intelligence.

Tourists and New Yorkers who pass by Blain hanging upside down in Central Park won`t be inspired to exclaim: What a remarkable achievement! What an inspiring young man! I wish my son would follow in this guy`s footsteps. Instead they will mutter: What an idiot! The Big Apple doesn`t need any more freakin` clowns.

Blain`s insipid stunt will culminate in a TV special when he finally plunges to the ground. Anybody who watches this special is stupider than Blaine, and deserves to be hung upside down for a couple of hours.