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Published:September 30th, 2008 12:02 EST
For Great Justice!

For Great Justice!

By Sean Stubblefield

If you are sick and tired of Hollywood cranking out craptastic movies on their assembly line, stop complaining and try doing something about it. One way to oppose Hollywood`s shameful yet shameless abuse of cinema is to support Jessica Mae Stover`s Artemis Eternal initiative. Become a Wingman for The Jessica Stover Dot Com Community-- advocates for better movies. Artemis Eternal is a film project representing an ideology of defying and bypassing the Hollywood standard of making movies, preserving the purity and artistry of film making to respect the movie going experience.


In an effort to help facilitate this developing movement, a group of Wingmen have collaborated to establish a Wingman community online, where those who believe in Stover`s ideal may meet and join forces. The name of the place is Wingman Central, wherein you shall find a project blog, forum, image gallery, FAQ, Wingman assignments, chat yaplet, plus links to Stover sites and videos. Ultimately, this provides an opportunity to be involved in a remarkable revolution in film making. Although approved by Jessica Stover, Wingman Central is owned and operated independently by the Wingman community.

Participants can contribute by presenting and discussing methods of promotion and fund raising, comment on Stover projects and postings, display material related to mission objective, share relevant link recommendations and resources... as well as socialize and connect with fellow Wingmen. But there is no community, no movement and no future victory without public involvement.


So it`s a party and you`re all invited! Man up now, and help move them forward. Stand up and join the quest for better movies. Declare "No More" to movies like Superman Returns, Iron Man, Hellboy 2, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, and Indiana Jones 4.

However, their motto is "No Wimps". Wingman Central is not a fan site; think of it as a Town Hall or maybe an Irish pub. Only serious players need apply. Are you ready to go?


"The story of the film (both in synopsis and philosophy) is about questioning what society expects of you and what we accept as normal. Everything we`re doing around the film fits and explores that theme."