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Published:October 23rd, 2011 13:02 EST
Happy Halloween: Top 5 Halloween Classic Horror Flicks

Happy Halloween: Top 5 Halloween Classic Horror Flicks

By Chester Moore (Editor)

Horror and family friendly seem mutually exclusive. Many parents are concerned with the violence, s(e)x and overall dark tone of horror movies, particularly those of the modern era. As a parent who is both a Christian and a horror fan (yes, there can be such a thing!) I understand this dilemma.

Although I have a DVD shelf full of horror movies ranging from the 1931 Dracula with Bela Lugosi to the Saw boxed set, I realize not all offerings in this collection are for young eyes.

Parents will have to decide when their youngsters are mature enough to watch horror movies and at what age but without knowledge of the genre, making an informed selection can be difficult.

The Universal monster classics are a great and highly entertaining starting point for young children but for those in say the 10 to 12-year old range, they might not pack enough punch for their young hearts. Children want to be scared and as cool as those movies are, they are not scary.

The following picks are ones as a lifelong horror fan and a parent who realizes that a five-year-old watching "Last House of the Left" or "Hostel" is not a good idea I have chosen that are spooky enough to give the kids the creeps, yet not raise too many awkward questions.

Salem`s Lot---This 1979 television min-series is an awesome adaptation of a Stephen King novel. It deals with a vampire moving into a small town and slowly taking over the population via its nocturnal attacks and where most bloodsucker flicks these days feature pretty boys, this vamp is downright ugly. The clothes date the show so the kids might chuckle a bit and there is one suggestive scene but it is much tamer than things they would see on network television during prime time. There was a 2004 remake, which is not nearly as scary or interesting so avoid that and enjoy this truly creep vampire classic.

Night of the Living Dead---Yes, it`s black and white the but the original classic released 40 years ago still packs a punch. Kids love zombies and this is the movie that started the living dead craze so that would be a good selling point on getting them to watch it. Once they tune in, there is plenty of action, dark atmosphere and a gripping story you will enjoy yourself in case you have somehow missed it over the years.

The Legend of Boggy Creek--- There have been lots of Bigfoot-related films made but this 1973 classic is by far the best and is downright scary in parts. The film is a quasi-documentary detailing events happening around Fouke, Arkansas in the late 60s and early 70s and it is done so in such a fashion you get creeped out pretty good. The viewer never sees the monster up close and that was a wise choice on the part of the director as every movie of the era that showed their Bigfoot up close ended up having a laughable film. The only laughable here are a couple of country and western songs written about the monster and the people of Fouke. Other than that, it is highly enjoyable and could be useful if you want to keep your children from wandering into the woods.

Monster Squad---This one has a little language but other than that, it is totally family friendly fare that sees a group of kids battling against representations of the classic Universal monsters. This is another one the parents will find as fun as the kids and although I would not call it scary, youngsters will not think it is lame either. That is a rarity in horror.

House of Wax---Although made in 1953, this Technicolor presentation of a film that would later be remade with Paris Hilton in 2005 is scary, fun, unique and can hold a kid`s attention pretty well. It deals with a wax museum curator played by Vincent Price who makes figures of historical figures out of "well...I`m sure you can fill in the blanks.

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