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Published:October 9th, 2008 22:00 EST
Chase Von Interviews the Amazingly Talented Al Cole!!!

Chase Von Interviews the Amazingly Talented Al Cole!!!

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

Chase Von: Al, on behalf of the Student Operated Press and myself, thanks with all that you do for squeezing this in! You are one busy man! I can think of a multitude of questions I want to ask you, but since your one of those people that has done so very much, I figure I better start at the beginning. (Smile).

Popular Boston Radio Host Al Cole!!!


What was your childhood like? Where did you grow up? And did you have any idea all the things you are involved with now, would be taking place in your adult life?  And also, I know you have your own fan base all over but I do want to truly thank you for sharing yourself with our readers

Al Cole:  Thank you, Chase. I`ve been asked the question many times "Al, what was your upbringing like, how did you come to be so ardent in the area of "Romanticism"?


I always love the question because it helps to define who I am, it`s such a strong part of me, it`s Real! I can answer this question in a number of ways.

The first and most direct answer is that I was truly Born a Romantic! I`m a product of a very loving, very special Mother and Father!


I was Blessed to have been born into a Family where "the man of the house" was not only unafraid and unashamed to be loving, thoughtful, caring, even at times tearful toward his Wife and his Children, but knew that in fact this made him even more the Man! As for my Mother, she`s the one who should really be talkin` to y`all bout Romance, Baby!!...(Smile)...


What a Great, Loving, and Wise Woman!!!

Another answer is all of the fantastic, innumerable Influences I`ve had in people that I`ve met nationwide. I`ve had the good fortune to have traveled extensively across the U.S., sometimes I feel as if I`ve met half of the American population first hand. So many of the marvelous people that I`ve met have left in me a part of their Individual greatness and brilliance---the Flame Lives on long after the

Acquaintance has ended!


I know for a fact that all men carry in them the Hope and the Capability to be Romantic...however, in so many cases, they just haven`t really sought it out in themselves.  And I know that all Women carry within them the Hope and Acceptance of that Romantic Capability in a man...even if they are sometimes the ones who have to be the Catalysts in a man`s own yearning to seek it!

I`ve learned too that we all sometimes make mistakes in our Relationships. And that a Relationship need not last forever in order for the Truth of Love to have been revealed in it.


I`ve been most Dearly Blessed to have learned Love from many of Life`s most Wonderful, Intelligent, and Deep-Feeling Women, and I know in my heart that without this factor, the other two factors that I have named, no matter how influential, no matter how endearing---would simply not have been quite as Potent.

Chase Von: You interviewed a friend of mine recently, Donna Solitario, Poet and Author of Embrace The Light. A truly sweet soul!

And when I was listening to the interview I have to admit, when I heard the intro, I was like, I know Donna, and this doesn`t sound quite like the show she should be on. But I kept listening and I was amazed at the depth of your questions, and how you brought out all the things I am sure she wanted to share with the audience.


In short it was an amazing interview! And it made me think more on the intro and the things you had in the beginning by your adoring fans! It`s like it began and one thought it was going to be really about an adult conversation or theme, but then, when the actual interview kicked in, you were asking questions and I mean deep questions and giving deep feed back as well as getting deep
answers and what one might have thought was going to be a superficial thing, was really a very deep philosophical discussion!

I know you have a lot of women that adore you and your show for obvious reasons, but how often do you get compliments on the actual serious things you address? And the truly in depth things you bring out of your guest to share with your listeners?

Al Cole:  Excellent set of questions, Chase. Yes, I do understand about the group of Intros that I often use on my Radio Show "It`s All About Romance!"
(Smile). One uses standard Intros to establish images of one`s general Show Theme regardless of the particular Guests involved. In Donna`s case
I already knew that I was going to make the shift to accommodate the real Woman and her unique set of circumstances.


The good TV or Radio Talk Show Host should always have the knack of making himself a "blank slate" during the Interview process. A blank
slate that is written upon by, and expresses the true character of his Guest! After this is done, the Host himself can address the particulars of his own experiences and character and re-direct them to the particular interests of his Guest! The good Host must always respect the Dignity and life-direction of his Guest! 


To address the second part of your question---Yes, I`ve been
very lucky with Women in my life. Lucky with my Radio Show in Boston, lucky with my MySpace Site, and now lucky with my HotMix106. com Show.
I do have many Women who "adore me"(smile), because I adore them---  it`s a Mutual Adoration Society, Brother! (Smile).


With Guests who come on my Show and compliment my Eyes, Voice, Music, & Poetry...I go through the SAME sort of process that I`ve already described, however we may joke, talk about sexuality, we may even get flirty with each other, but I always make it my business to turn the corner to the more serious, deeper side of them too.


I love to explore all facets of where a person is coming from...  because I identify all of those facets within myself--- the light-hearted, the flirtatious, the deep (sometimes the despairing), the philosophical & the spiritual. That`s Real Life! And I Adore It All!

Chase Von: I`m sure you`re aware of this as well, legendary actor Paul Newman went to be home. He was known for so many things but
his blue eyes were certainly one of them. I wasn`t aware until watching a tribute that the salad dressing he sold with his picture on it was something that all the profits made from it went to charities!


I already admired him as an actor but that was another side of him I wasn`t quite frankly aware of. He didn`t just entertain people, he really cared about making lives better for so many others on the planet!  You too are known very much so because of your eyes which might be even bluer- er (Is that a word)? (Smile).

Than his were! I know they melt many of your female listeners but you yourself are also not only a writer, a musician, a singer, and a Radio Host, but you also are very caring about the needs of others as well. What are some of the causes you feel strongly about?

And does having a platform like being a Radio Show Host aid you in being able to help those that really need it?

Al Cole:  I`m glad you brought up Paul Newman. He`s always been one of my favourite Actors! I love his blending of Cool & Sensitivity in The Hustler, The Long Hot Summer, Cool Hand Luke, and all of his other great movies. He has always been a creative inspiration to me, and I`m so impressed and moved by his long term marriage to actress Joanne Woodward.


I`ve always believed that one of the "measures of a man" is the Woman in his life.


With Paul Newman, that measure was indeed Magnificent having so elegant, intelligent, and captivating a Wife as Joanne Woodward!

...And regarding your other observation...Yes, I do receive my share of compliments on my blue, blue eyes, man! (Hah Hah)! And of course I love & appreciate the compliments. But there is a very serious side of my life devoted to social and political involvement too. I am a member of a number of organizations that are directed toward Fair Housing, the severe problem of
Homelessness, and Education.


These are topics that I would feel very comfortable to discuss on my Show "It`s All About Romance" too, because when I use the term "Romance", I know inwardly that I`m talking not only about my deep regard for Men-Women Relationships, but for my ongoing Love Affair with the Human Race as well!

And to the second part of your question---being a Radio Show Host can often aid in one`s getting on some of the right Committees, but after that it still comes down to "de ole elbow grease", and sticking it out even when frustration tells you that you wanna quit.

Chase Von: I`m married, but I still adore women. (Smile).  I know you do as well. For me, I was raised in a house where I had a father that was very strict and it was speak only if spoken to kind of thing.  The only parent I could really relate with and share my thoughts with was my mother.


He`s passed on, but I still share everything with my Mom today. She`s certainly not only my mother but a friend as well and the first friend I have ever had. Because of our relationship I am one that quite frankly, loves women. And about the only woman I have no liking for is what might be common called a gold digger. 


Attractive? Not necessarily pretty, large or small, tall or thin black white or what ever race it doesn`t matter to me, there is something if you are willing to look in them all that is beautiful.


And I think that the most beautiful thing regardless of how they might be appearance wise is they carry life. And no male like it or not would be on the planet had not one decided to do that for them.  What are your feelings regarding the fairer sex? And do you think the world or more precisely the US is one day going to have a female president?

Al Cole:  I truly believe that there is nothing more Beautiful in the entire Universe than a Woman! And I am not speaking from simply the physical
perspective. A Woman generally has a more determined, tireless Mentality than a Man. It is not a question of intelligence here, but a stance of Commitment! Women stand for greater Compassion, dedication to Feeling, and to more of an effort to inner values of Honesty! ... I guess I`m making us Guys seem awful small in the comparison, aren`t I, Brother? (Hah Hah)! But the truth is, we Men
could really "help our own selves out" by listening a little bit more to the Heart of a Woman!

I believe that one day the US will have a Woman President, very much in the same way that the US is currently on the verge of having it`s first Black President! ... but whether any future President of the US is a Woman or a Black, the Country certainly couldn`t lose by electing a Person with not only a tireless sense of Determination, coupled with an effort toward Honesty ... but also a Person with a Woman`s Compassion!

Chase Von: Can you share one of you poetry pieces with our readers Al?  One that deals with women and one that you think they would love to read?

Al Cole:  This is a long one Chase, but it`s one of the most popular Poems from my Book "ROMANCE FOR WOMEN"!  It`s called "Whish! A Tidal Wave!" 

(The Very Sound of You)

Just the Sound of your Voice,

The words that you use,

Just the way that you say them, Sweet!

I Love it! I Love you!!

Oh my poor little heart -

It flutters when I hear you coming,

It pants when you step into my room!

My heaven, my Angel -

I`m blessed by your hunger,

Cleansed in your precious desires!!

You are my firefly, my candle,

My burst of joy and light air!

Oh how I love your breath!

Sweet tender sobs, My Love,

Like kittens mewing throughout the night!

Like music Purring all over my body!!

...Your whispers, murmurs, your laughter, sighs,

Your heartbeat, precious, just the way that you move -

I`m lost in the very Sound of You!!

Do you feel it too my Darling?

Yes, I know you do!

One heart could never hold that much magic by itself!

...We walk a tender tightrope, Dear

My emotions make love to your Soul,

We play together in Fantasy land,

I sleep with the very thought of you!!

...When you come to my body, Luscious -

My arms faint in your embrace,

Then I melt into your fire, Love!

I burn at a glimpse of your Shadow...

Melt at the mere idea of You...

Much much more at stark Reality!!

Your breasts...the Fountains of my Youth...

I drink in their Magic!

I`m reborn in their taste, the aroma,

They caress my impetuousness,

They fan my hunger -

I`m a fool in the Intoxication!

Baby, I`m a Fool for You!!

...So Grab me! Elate me!

Guide me to your wetness, Kitten!

Like a roof to the ocean`s core,

Like sparks of light in the Cave of darkness!

Daze me, pamper me,

Drown me in your Flesh!

Your Revelries, your Ecstasies, your Fever!

...Bring me back my body, Pet,

My swirling, stabbing pleasures!

...Bring me back my tears, my love...

Like stars before my eyes -

Like gently, swishing Rhapsodies -

Light-years and light-years long!

A thousand chilling minute Eruptions -

Ooo, Oceans and Oceans Deep!!

...Mmmm...So unleash me, reveal me,

Press me to your Heat!

Undress my Spirit, Sweetness,

Whisper my name;

Cuddle me, make Love to me!

Erect me with your Passions!

Penetrate me `till I can`t take any more...

Whish me away to your own dreamy Climax!

Let your urges become part of my body,

Let your teardrops soak me to the skin!

Muscle me tenderly, tenderly Love "

Power me whisperingly, whisperingly Home!!

...Come with me, wait for me,

Reach me with Captivation,

Work me with your Know-how, Baby!

Play with me In and Out-

I`m ready, I`m willing!

Rush me to your Moisture, Angel,

Squeeze me to your Lips!

Like the feather twisting and twisting...

Oh, Drench me in your warm, dark Cave!!

...Whish!- a Tidal Wave!!

Spurts and spurts of our Liquid Love, our Bodily Salvation!

Like little lost sighs-

Crying its way through You, Crying its way through Me!!

...Mmmm...Whish! - the Flooding and the Feeling!

Weeping and weeping through all of our Spasms!

Through Heaven and Earth, through Silence and Surrender,

Through Power and Sweet Talk too!

Mad, mad Sighs beneath a Deluge of your Breath!

Oh Honey, I Love you!!!

... Just the Sound of your Voice,

The Words that you use,

Just the way that you say them, Sweet!

The very Sound of You!!!

Yes, My Love...


The Very SOUND of YOU!!!!!


Chase Von: Thank you, I`m sure the women reading this are going to be like, where can I find more? I myself had to go have a smoke after reading this  (Smile).


Your a professional musician who has performed through out the nation, you also play R and B, Jazz, Rock and even Country! Your also a poet, an author, a radio host, and well, is there anything else you do we aren`t aware of? I imagine just from listening to your interviews you must be an avid reader as well. Because your questions are always informed and intelligent and also coming from a place where you know, you actually care when you ask them. But a friend of mine, Willard Barth, has made it clear to me that the people who are
generally the most successful, are those that expand their comfort zones.


Meaning you do something you haven`t done. What you haven`t done is beyond me but I`m wondering if you perhaps see acting in your future or the Olympics? (Smile). Which could happen mind you but something more that I could see for you with your genuine concern and communications skills is your own talk show. Like on TV talk show!

Has that been anything you have considered? And what are some things you might not be doing now, that you think you can see yourself pursuing in the future?

Al Cole:  It`s notable that you bring up Acting. I admire the Art form, even though I have never myself been involved in it. Something must have
been passed on here though, because my Son is studying Acting and is committed to doing that as a career! He`s such a Talented and Compassionate individual, and truly relates to the inner feelings of the characters that he plays!  I`d love to try my hand at the world of being a TV Talk Show Host too!

I think it`s important to have Hosts out there who not only talk about "the heat of the moment", but can get down into "the Heart of the matter too ... the Human Heart!

Another thing I want to pursue is the tragedy of Human Starvation, especially when it affects Children. There`s no damn excuse for it!  People have a Right to the Basics ... no matter whose special interest it might shake up!

Chase Von: Recently I saw a video by Wayman Tisdale. He`s a former NBA Star, Gold Medal Olympian, and World Class Musician! He also recently lost his leg above the knee due to bone cancer. He has this video where he is talking to his fans and saying he can`t wait to get back out there! He`s so motivated and happy and positive and it`s like he knows his amputation is big, but he is not letting that stop him!


I was so blown away by how he could take such a huge thing and refuse to let it stop him I can`t watch it without crying tears of respect!


Who are some of your mentors? And some of the people you admire and that you feel helped guide you to where you are today?

And who are some of the people you have worked with you would love to work with again, and people you haven`t yet but aspire to?

Al Cole:  Good question about "Mentors"! The truth is, my Mentors have typically come from Family! Family in the broad sense of the word.

Of course starting with my Mother and Father, whom I`ve already mentioned. Also my Sisters, elegant Women married to great Men.  My Aunts, Uncles, many of my Cousins. Also my closest Friends. Also the very special & beautiful "Romances" in my life---the many fascinating and astounding Women that I`ve been blessed to have shared Love with!  But perhaps the Greatest Mentor of all has been my Son! He`s a fantastic Human Being!


When he was born I was right there as he entered the world. That night I spent the entire night right in the Hospital bed with his mother and him (of course it was breaking the rules, lol!), and it struck me that there was a natural magnificence about him that indeed made him "the Father of the father"! He is that Wonderful!


He is a born Romantic, a sparkling Talent, and the best combination of both his Mother & his Father!

Chase Von: Your fans can catch pieces of you already now in so many ways! (Smile). From listening to your popular radio broadcast on Boston`s 100.7 WZLX, to reading your popular poetry book, Romance For Women, or your CD, Captivation which is an absorbing blend of your Music & your many Poetry Reads! But being a popular Radio Show Host in a huge city like Boston, and having acquired fans in Los Angeles and New York and all over the country and the world for that matter!


How difficult is it for you to handle the being famous part? Which incidentally is not something I have any issues with yet. Heh, heh:) You have to be famous to have famous like issues. (Smile).

Al Cole:  I always try to keep things in perspective in the area of "fame".  I`m "famous" in certain sectors, but not yet in others.

I`m well-known and admired by certain people, but relatively un-known by others. When my Abilities are exposed world-wide, and when a large
sector of Humanity is privy to what I do, then I believe that Humility and Responsibility will be the single two most significant aspects of fame that I`ll have to come to terms with. I would expect myself to be as Humble & Responsible with fame, as I have generally been forced to be with oblivion!

Chase Von: Judyth Piazza is my boss here and what an incredible soul she is! You`re going to be doing an audio with her in the future and that`s something I really don`t want to miss! She started the Student Operated Press herself and it has grown incredibly since it`s inception! Students all around the entire world not only read the news here, but they contribute as well! She`s also gathered together Mentors like John Basedow, world famous fitness expert, Djelloul (Del) Marbrook, an intellectual with few equals and the former Chief editor for a few this countries Top Notch Newspapers!  Deremiah *CPE Mentor/Columnist, and inspirational speaker and motivator, Simon T. Bailey, Mentor/Columnist, Dr. Christina Bautista, MD (MA) who contributes, Glenn Brandon Burke Mentor/Speaker who also speaks at prisons to motivate people through out the country and a host of others that are some of the finest individuals you could come across!


She was in her thirties when she began from what I remember and she has created a vast empire and as the Host of The American Perspective and she has interviewed so many famous people I can`t keep up with all of them!

When did you yourself pursue the Radio Host thing and more importantly, do you think that it is ever too late for someone, any one, to pursue their dreams?

Al Cole:  I have been doing full-time Radio in Boston for the last 7 years.  It was only a month and a half ago that I was offered the chance to be a Regular Host on the very popular Internet Station HotMix106. com!  For me it`s never too late to pursue my dreams. For others the question would be "how much do I want it compared to all of the pressures that are telling me to drop the hell out?!" It is possible to prevail against the torrents, especially if you have that inner-voice telling you that this is your particular Calling that the Message you carry is of Benefit to all of Humanity.


In short, if your inner-voice coupled with outer-response is telling you that "you were Born for this!" When you`re truly Born to deliver the Message, only the throes of death can stop the procession ... and if you`re a Believer in
Reincarnation, even death ain`t a big enough foe, Brother!

Chase Von: Earlier this week I dropped my kid off at school, one to the baby sitter, and then I went to a store to try and find a computer program. Maybe it`s just here, or this state but it hit me.  I didn`t see any bumper stickers on ANY cars for any political candidates! This close to an election for the future ruler of this nation? I just thought how strange? If it is just here so be it, but is it like that where you`re at in Boston? And if so is that a perhaps silent statement being said nation wide as to what people really think about the whole process these days?


If I had my druthers Cynthia McKinney would be our next POTUS but since you are a respected Radio Show Host in a large major city, I would like to know what you think about our political situation here, and especially what you think about this bail out thing. I see dark days ahead for this country and I don`t know if the masses are even aware that might be the case. What are your thoughts and do you think we will be able to get back on track here or what?

Al Cole:  I`m with you. I don`t see the bumper stickers either.  Not to mention the gut enthusiasm. It`s easy to get worked up over a Media Extravaganza like a Convention ... but when it comes down to individual heart-to-heart talks in the quiet of one`s living room, I think that a lot of people are seriously questioning whether either Candidate would really impact a sizable dent into the mass of the average American`s dwindling pocketbook!

As to this bail out thing---the general Method to Big Business Madness seems to be that the Public is expected to Suffer through their Successes (with no individual profit), and to Subsidize their Failures ... is there really anyone with an ounce of sense that would honestly hold to such a poor Business standard?

Chase Von: I started asking this question a while ago, from politics to food! (Smile). But I think readers really do like to know what some of the celebrities like to grub on. So what are some of your favourite meals?

Al Cole:  I try to eat healthy, while not sacrificing taste. Is this the sort of thing that can still be done? (Smile). Yogurt with blueberries, peaches, flax meal, & tofu! Awright!! ... countered by Campbell`s Chicken Noodle Soup! (Hah Hah)! This is true! Sometimes I make my own Chicken Soup by throwing a whole bunch of chicken legs into a great big kettle with a few ounces of rice, some mushrooms, and a few bullion cubes on the side---I let it all boil up for an hour, and Viola! ... well, what can I say? ... I`m a bachelor!

Chase Von: How important is family to you, and what is your take on the state of our current world?

Al Cole:  Family of course, as most people would answer, is extremely important!  My Son is the Shining Star of my accomplishments!  My involvements in Education matters have led me to believe that some of the essential problems in our Educational System could be greatly remedied by a little bit more "hands on" involvement by Parents. I believe the overriding factor contributing to less than optimum Parental involvement is OVERWORKED SCHEDULES!! We`ve become a Society of people ENSLAVED TO WORK in order to subsidize our exorbitant Mortgages & Rents! Everyone knows that this is hell on the Family, on Education, the Economy, and on our Quality of Life in general, but it might take the Tragedy of a Bail Out to finally bring us to our Senses!


Either a Bail Out or a sincere opting on the part of individual Families to take the bull by the horns and slow down the pace. Essentially, to settle for a lower standard of living for the sake of doing justice to the overall quality of life of the Family itself ... but of course, this sort of justice is not really Justice at all ... and it`s a damn shame that the average Family would even have to put themselves through the process of opting for this alternative, when it seems more and more obvious to us all that the brunt of the problem is really embedded in our Top "Leadership" in the first place!

Chase Von: What would you say, if you were standing in front of a microphone that could be heard by every child on the planet and regardless of what language it was they spoke, they would understand you? What positive advice would you give the children, if that were possible?

Al Cole:  Children hold the experience of their future Adulthood in their here-and-now present. Adults hold the experience of their past Childhood, also in their here-and-now present. Many have come to understand that the Real Key to lasting Communication lies in connecting with the Power that is inherent in the NOW!  The fact that both a Child and I are living NOW, indicates that I
actually have more in common with that Child than I would have with an Adult my own age who was living 3,000 years ago!

We must as Human Beings strive to Identify with Each Other`s problems, accomplishments, and exultations as though they were our very own.
I know that in my own situation as a Father, I have never sought to diminish the importance of my Son`s problems, accomplishments, and exultations simply because he is "a kid", and as a result he has generally been able to allow the "future Adult in him" to relate positively to my own problems, accomplishments, and exultations as if they were his own.

I would encourage more Adults to presently Connect to the past Child in themselves when dealing with Children, and thereby encourage the
Children of our Planet to tap in to all of the present delights and challenges that life could hold for them in their coming Adulthood`s!

Chase Von: Can our readers find your music and book and more information on you and your radio show at my space? And can you give them your other different web sites and links where they can also buy it and learn more about you and your multiple talents?

Al Cole:  Sure. My 3 main Links are:

www. alcoleradioandromance. com
www. myspace. com/alcolemusic
hotmix106. com

My Book, "ROMANCE FOR WOMEN...and for All Mankind", & my CD "CAPTIVATION" (Music & Poetry Reads for the Inspired!)

can be both purchased at my Main Website www. alcoleradioandromance. com ---just Click on the Book Cover

or the CD Cover, and it will take you directly into my Pay Pal Purchasing Site!

Chase Von: Al, On behalf of The Operated Student Press and myself, I really appreciate you finding the time to share yourself with our readers! Now they can learn more about what Al Cole Holics and check out your broadcast and see what I am talking about when I say your shows are very deep and thought provoking!


I`m wishing you continued success and how long do I have to prepare before I go on your show? (Smile).

Al Cole:  A lifetime, Brother! (Smile)...Actually, Chase, I`m pretty easy as an Interviewer. I`ve come to know in my life that we all share certain Basics as Human Beings.


When I tap into the Basics with one person, I find that, barring the specifics, it generally strikes the right chord with other individuals. It`s kind of like the same Interview with different & fascinating individual twists! A little bit of a variation on the same sort of Human Adventure!

Chase Von: I think you should have Judyth Piazza on first, then me that way I can prepare myself more and since you two are veterans at it, it would be a great learning curve for me! (Smile). Again wishing you all the success in the world and thanks again for finding the time for this, one love brother!

Al Cole:  My pleasure, Chase. I look forward to having you and Judyth on my Show "IT`S ALL ABOUT ROMANCE" on HotMix106. com real soon!