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Published:October 30th, 2008 14:05 EST
Chase Von Interviews Darcy Donavan!  Hailed as the New Eminem!!!

Chase Von Interviews Darcy Donavan! Hailed as the New Eminem!!!

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

The Lovely Darcy Donavan, International Star!!!

Chase Von: Hey Darcy, and on behalf of myself and The Student Operated Press, I truly appreciate you finding the time in your hectic schedule to share yourself with our readers!  You are someone that is taking Hollywood and the world itself by storm!  


And you have done so very much in your life it truly is incredible and I can`t possibly ask you about it all! 


Before we speak of your new CD, your many television and movie appearances, your stellar great looks and yes, I`m married but not visually impaired...  (Smile).  Can you tell our readers more about your growing up years in Nashville Tennessee and whether you always knew you were destined for stardom? 


And once again, thanks so much for sharing yourself with us here!  


Darcy:  LOL.  You are too kind.  Thanks so much Chase, you really made my day.  I think I am going to take your interview download it, frame it and put it on my wall so it puts me in a good mood when I am having a bad day. (wink, wink).


Now as far as being destined for stardom you can ask my feisty German grandmother who said when I would come home from kindergarten I would say, "Grandma when I grow up I am going to be a big star and take care of you, granddaddy and mom and daddy and buy us a big house where we can all be happy and I can take care of you all. ? She laughed and got a real chuckle out of it because my parents were divorced. LOL! 


But at a very young age I was always singing, acting in plays and was always the class clown. I secretly wanted to grow up and be a comedian since I loved to make people happy and laugh. 


Chase Von:  Before you were an "Internationally Known Star", what other kind of jobs had you held in your life?  I`m thinking that even you once had to do some things you perhaps didn`t want to do to get where you are today. 


Darcy:  Well, to say I had a Paris Hilton life would be a real joke.  It was hard because my mother worked 2 jobs to support me.  When I was in high school I was working 2 jobs to buy things that I wanted and needed.  I worked at Burger King which I hated, then at a men`s clothing store called D.J`s and I worked at Olan Mills Portrait Studios.  It was hard for me being raised by a single mother who worked all the time, going to school to get good grades and working. 


The girls in school were also mean to me so I was basically a loner, staying in the teachers classrooms and cleaning them up to stay away from the girls who would throw food at me because they were jealous, (that is what my mom would say to me).  Jealous of what I really don`t know, a lot of them had a better life than me and did not have to work at all.  I felt I really never had a childhood and working at a young age was just instilled in me.  I think it`s because my mother was such a strong, independent woman who worked hard so she could give me the best she could.


Chase Von:  Really?  Wish I could have stopped by a few of those places well, when I wasn`t married.  (Smile).  I also wanted to ask you since you are what the Commodore`s themselves sung about, an actual "Brick House" with measurements of 36-24-36 and had to stop myself from writing the words that immediately follow that. Heh, Heh:)  But, were you a girly girl? 


Because you are exceptionally beautiful but I get the sense you might have been a Tom Boy!  Athletic, climbing trees, jumping ramps on bikes and maybe even taking part in a pick up football game every now and then. 


Considering you are one of thee most beautiful women in the world, it would be easy to assume you were pampered and protected and all hell would break lose if you fell and skinned your knee.  So were you out and rampaging through the neighborhoods where you lived?  Or were you basically under guard and prepared to be the beauty you have emerged to be? 


Darcy:  LOL!  You are too funny!  In all actuality, I was a mixture of both.  I liked to play with my dolls, have fun cheerleading and wearing pretty girly outfits but I also played in the dirt, rode my bike and jumped ramps with the boys and collected worms and frogs.  I also loved to play basketball and football.  I know more about football then my half brothers.  I want to tell you a funny story about me when I was very young.


My grandmother took me to church and in my little coin purse I had all my worms that I collected for fishing, so I had brought them to church with me.  So when the money offering plate came around my grandmother reached in to get out my money and she nearly had a heart attack when the worms came out my purse when she was getting my money.  I was in so much trouble but I didn`t care!  I loved boy stuff like that.  I always felt I fit in more with the boys then I did the girls.


I used to have more guy friends than girlfriends, "cause I was like one of the boys!!


I was definitely not pampered, my father was a football coach and he definitely treated me more like one of the boys then a girl. 


Chase Von:  Now that gives new meaning to "Keep The Change" Darcy!  LOL!  I also read about how you were the former Miss Nashville TN! 


And how hard you worked in the very place that launched the careers of the King himself, Elvis Presley!  And also the incredibly famous, talented and loveable Dolly Parton and scores of others!  You even formed your own band while there and were on the brink of stardom yourself, when a series of tornado`s came through and took out not only the recording studio, but also your dreams with it!  


We know now you went on to Hollywood but few who haven`t experienced the devastation tornado`s and hurricanes can wreak, know how much they can truly destroy things that have existed for so very many years in a single day! 


More know of course after the horror delivered by Katrina but how were you able to rebound from not only seeing all you had worked for leveled, but where did you find the will to push on after seeing how unmerciful mother nature can some times be? 


Because the truth is after such a traumatic event, there are a lot of people that would have seen it as an ending point, not some thing to overcome!  


Darcy:  Honestly Chase, it was really hard and there were times I really thought how can I go on?


But I am very resilient.  I`ve always been a fighter ever since I was a little girl.  I got bullied and teased when I was growing up as other people have experienced, and I thought how can I go on having to face these people anymore?  At one point it got so bad that my mother wanted me to transfer to another school but I wouldn`t do it because I wasn`t going to let them win. 


That same attitude is what I`ve had with my career.  No matter what life throws at me, a tornado, earthquake, etc.  I am going to keep pushing forward. 


The entertainment business has been in my blood since I was a child and I feel like a lot of people don`t realize that if this is a business you want to be in, you have to be resilient and a fighter.  Think of all the people that turned down Madonna and are now kicking themselves.  It`s happening right now with my career just for the simple fact that people are prejudice because of the way I look.  They don`t realize that there is a big brain under this blonde hair and a big heart under these boobs.  One of the things that I`ve always wanted to do is to help people.  Being in the business is one of the best ways for me to help the masses.  It`s funny you say how unmerciful Mother Nature can be, because people can be just as unmerciful and cruel. 


I`ve always wanted to help people and do things for people that needed my help.  That is one of the reasons why I take a portion of the proceeds from my album sales to help out victims of natural disasters as well as some of my other charities.   


Chase Von:  How appalled were you by the response to the victims of Katrina or better put, lack of a timely response considering you yourself have been through similar events?  


Darcy:  I think it`s ridiculous, the government has billions of dollars that they are putting into war, when we could be putting some of that money towards helping people going through these terrible times due to Mother Nature, not to mention we need money going to health care, social security, better schools, law enforcement and to help our own country period.  I`m so sick of us helping other countries when our country is in such need itself.  Don`t get me wrong, I definitely think helping these other countries is a good thing, but how can we help someone if we can`t help ourselves?

Chase Von:  I`m publishing a book by a friend of mine called Whispers, Tears, Prayers and Hope;  Ed Roberts is a phenomenal poet!  A student read one of his poems and then took it to her father who she thought was contemplating suicide who had lost all during Katrina.  He cried but it helped him to regain focus and to move on.  You also use your platform to inspire, educate and encourage others as well and I was really taken with you on sight.  (Smile).  But you are also a lover of words! 


You`re also accomplished in so many areas!  Acting, singing, modeling and rapping but how important are words to you?  And how does a girl from Nashville which is known for "Country Music" become a rapper compared to one of the greatest rappers of all time?  The one and only Eminem?   But also one who makes sure her music is something people can learn positive things from to better enhance their lives? 

Darcy:  Well in all honesty, I don`t know where all this comparison to Eminem is coming from but I do believe that Eminem and I have a lot of similarities.  It`s funny because my nickname in LA is Southern Thug and I think because of my blonde hair and curvy body people don`t know what to expect when they hear all the hype about me, but I promise you people don`t want to cross me when they see me get upset. 


I think that I have a very strong personality and my intensity can go either way.  I feel as if Eminem has that same intensity.  That is where all the comparison is coming from.  I also think because Eminem is this blue eyed, blonde hair pretty boy, people didn`t expect him to rap out his lyrics with an intensity not heard before from a white boy and so you can see that I`m getting the same kind of slack because of my similar look with the added boobs. Ha ha!

Chase Von:  Kim Kline is a friend of mine as well!  She`s from Texas and you are from Nashville!  Texas is another place that is associated with "Country Music" but she`s a rocker!  She won the Best Top 40 New Artist of The Year for 2007 and beat out people like Colbie Calihat and Amy Winehouse to name just a few. 


But do you ever plan in the future to tackle some country music because I imagine it was part of your up bringing being from where you are from? 


Personally, I prefer R and B mostly but I`ve written a few country song lyrics myself.  (Smile).  I`m what you call eclectic, meaning my view of things is it matters little which vein it is said to be in, if I like it, I like it and if I don`t, it doesn`t matter what they`re calling it.  (Smile).   

Darcy:  Well first and foremost, tell Kim congrats on all her outstanding achievements.  Secondly, who knows whether I`ll go back to Nashville.  I still have a house there which is the funny thing.  At this point in my life, I like where I am.  I just didn`t fit in Nashville.  My look at the time wasn`t acceptable.  It is now since Shania Twain started showing skin.  The Executives there wanted to make me the Madonna of Country and there was just a lot of politics in the business.  It just seemed to me that they didn`t think outside the box and not only that, they would choose people not based on their talent.  It was like a click.  It made me really angry and that`s why I decided to change my path.  It was funny because I was actually going to get out of the music business.  I couldn`t believe that I was going to do that because I am a fighter. 


I was on my way to Los Angeles to visit a friend at that time and it`s funny how God puts people in your path to steer you back on track for what you are supposed to do.  I just happened to sit next to a man who was a motivational speaker on his way to speak to a seminar for a hundred thousand people or more.  It`s funny how we tell strangers our stories rather than our own family and friends.  I proceeded to tell him my story of all the hardships I had endured and how it was tearing me apart.  I would not compromise my morals by sleeping my way to the top. 


He then told me an inspirational story about how I was a sail boat and even though a sail boat may be going to its destination and trying to stay straight on course, winds or storms may try to throw it off its course.  So this sailboat may have made detours along the way but it eventually reaches it`s destination. 


Chase Von:  Comedy seems to come so naturally to you when you`re on the screen!  But you can do it all!  Serious parts, comedic and even horror but on the real tip, are you as funny in person as you are on the big screen?  (Smile). 


Darcy:   Actually, I`m told I`m a big jokester by my friends and family.  They tell me that I remind them of Lucille Ball.  My mom says that when I was little, I was a big ham and would get up on the fireplace and perform.  When I was growing up, I secretly wanted to be a comedian.  I like to make people happy and make them laugh. 


As for your other question, I can do it all.  I never set limits to anything I do.  Our minds are the only thing that can get in the way of achieving our goals and dreams.  I have a horror film that I will start filming the end of January/February 2009.  I will have the female lead. I read the script and was amazed at how well written it was.  The Weinstein Company has already picked the film up for major distribution.  There is also another movie that is in the pre production stage.  The film will be a paranormal drama which will really have people talking.  I feel that it will make a huge impact on the world and open people`s eyes to things they may not have known or thought of.  I can`t go into specifics on that though.  So let`s keep it on the hush hush!;)

Chase Von:  Miss TN!  Who then goes on to star in Anchor Man with comedic genius Will Ferrell!  I have to tell you, when I was doing my research I didn`t realize that initially but I do remember seeing you in that! 


And I particularly remember that part where he walks away from you, because you are simply gorgeous!   (How could any sane man walk away)?  But that`s just barely scratching the surface when it comes to your many accomplishments! 


You are in the National Seagram`s Calendar with such known stars as Pamela Anderson, Nikki Zeiring, and Gina Lee Nolan!


You`re the "Brunette Beauty" on the internationally distributed AC/DC Tribute album cover titled, "We Salute You" that won the prestigious "Cleo Award" for best album cover!  You have a four page "EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW" appearing in "Elite Fighter`s" October 2007 Magazine which has the cover graced by none other than incredible fighter, better known as The ICE MAN, Chuck Liddell! 


You`ve appeared on Nickelodeon in "Uh Oh" and shared more of your comedic talent as well on Spike TV Foxxy News!  You are also starring in the Psychological Thriller written by Jack Sawyers called Devils Gold and "My Name is Earl," opposite Craig T. Nelson from the series Coach!  


Joining a long list of celebrities who have made guest appearances on "My Name is Earl," including Jaime Pressley from DOA: Dead or Alive and Charmed, John Leguizamo from "Love in the Time of Cholera and ER" and Page Kennedy from "Roots and CSI, Crime Scene Investigators!   Your CD Distraction is even being promoted in Grappling and you yourself have appeared as a ring girl in Elite Fighter!  And you have quite a few songs that are being far more than well received, such as Come Get Love, Gold Collar Diamond Ring, Helping Karma Along and Here We Go Again!


I also saw where you don the costume of Wonder Woman and might I say you look wonderful!  But could Wonder Woman even keep up with you?  Because we both know that isn`t all of what you have even done!  Or are you really the real Wonder Woman?  Because if you said you were I wouldn`t argue with you.  Unless it would lead to you tying me up with that special rope she I mean you, carries. Heh, heh:). 


Darcy:  Wonder Woman learned all her moves from me and she came by my house to borrow the rope and headband.  But in all seriousness, I do juggle a lot of things.  The modeling, acting, music, and running a company, I also have a new clothing line that will debut very soon, an energy drink I developed, and a natural flea repellant I created.  I`m also in the process of writing a book, co-writing a screenplay and developing several television series.  Should I stop there?  Are you tired just hearing all this stuff? LOL!!!  I`m tired from just typing it "   LOL!!! 

Chase Von: I also read where you are a strong advocate against domestic violence.  I have another fellow author friend, Michele Green who has a book called, The Passion Within which is a compilation of her and several other authors and a portion of the proceeds goes to those who find themselves in that situation.  Is there a personal reason why you are so deeply touched by this and what are some other causes you truly support?

Darcy:  Yes, my mother was in an abusive relationship when I was growing up and it really had an impact on me.  Because of what happened, I didn`t respect my mother for a long time.  Then later in life I dealt with a similar situation of my own that almost killed me.   I always thought of myself as a strong woman but sometimes these things can happen to even the strongest of us. 


God always has his ways of teaching us lessons.  I have learned a great deal from everything I experienced and because of that I have a very deep respect for my mother now and what she went through.  She was a very strong person to deal with that and try to keep her child safe.  With the knowledge that I have gained from my experiences in life, I can now help people all over to become stronger, give them the knowledge on how to deal with it and move on in their lives.   Just as the saying says; Knowledge is Power. " 


There are several other causes that I support such as: The Brittany Foundation which helps abused animals, Safe Passage for domestic violence, PETA, and I`ve also helped with some other organizations on giving care packages to our soldiers over seas.  I`m an advocate for breast cancer awareness and one day I will be starting the Donavan`s Foundation for families.

Chase Von:  What`s the likely hood we will see you and Eminem performing together in the future and who are some of the rappers, singers and actors and just people in general you admire and respect yourself? 


Darcy:  Now as far as Eminem goes, only time can tell.  I`ve heard a lot of rumors recently but who knows what the future holds.  In regards to artists that I admire, I really admire all of the ones that have worked hard to achieve their successes. 


I have such a broad range when it comes to my admiration, such as God who has steered my career, my wonderful mother, grandmother, grandfather for all their support, the team of people I have right now that are some of the most amazing people I have ever met, Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, Madonna, Pink, Gwen Stefani, Fergie, P. Diddy, Ludacris, Will Smith, LL Cool J, Missy Elliot, Pavarati, Neal E. Boyd, Justin Timberlake, Eminem, Tina Turner, Shirley McClaine, Jack Nicholson, Robin Williams, Heath Ledger, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, Lawrence Fishbourne, Anthony Hopkins, John Travolta, Jodie Foster, Angela Basset and the list goes on and on.


Chase Von:  Who are some of the people you consider Mentors?  And you`ve become accomplished at so very many things!  What would you say to people about expanding and trying different things, or in other words, stretching out their comfort zones? 


Darcy:  Actually, that`s an easy one; I`ve got the best mentor anyone could imagine.  God.  Other than him and my angels, I`ve done it all myself through prayer.  Now don`t get me wrong, I`ve had people who have taught me things along the way but as far as mentoring me, no.  I always thought outside the box and I did not listen to people`s negativity. 


For most of the celebrities I have worked with, the majority of them have experienced rejection but never gave up on their goals.  So if I was to give a bit of advice to others, it would be to never give up on your dreams or let people derail you from what you want to achieve in life.  So many people walk around in a box throughout their lives and let people bring them down by the things they say or do.  So, step outside the box and see the world through new eyes.

Chase Von: Well Darcy I have to tell you, I am a man that loves women.  I personally think they are the most beautiful of all of God`s creations!  However different women have different kinds of beauty. 


I think Mother Theresa was beautiful, I think Maya Angelou is beautiful, I think Rachael Bell is beautiful and Judyth Piazza and Alina and Barbara Evans and Kimberly Prendez and Audrey Michelle and Dawn Huffaker, because quite a few I`ve actually spoke to and know both the inner as well as outside beauty.  I also think Lucille Ball, Bibi McGill and Kathy Bates of the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, the one that played I Dream of Jeannie,  Barbara Eden, Thelma from Good Times or BernNadette Stanis, my mother is also beautiful as well as my wife. 


But again as a man, I have to share this with you also.  There are women I think are so beautiful just physically, that they are in a category where I feel as if it`s...  like it matters beautiful.  (Smile).


Halle Berry or Darcy Donavan?  Angelina Jolie or Darcy Donavan?  Vanessa Williams or Darcy Donavan?  Darcy Donavan or Barbara Evans? Shawn Richardz or Darcy Donavan?  Sade or Darcy Donavan?  Darcy Donavan or Alicia Keys?  Darcy Donavan or Christina Aguilera?  Darcy Donavan or Ziyi Zhang?  Darcy Donavan or Mary Christina Brown?  Darcy Donavan or Noemi Lenoir?  Darcy Donavan or Aishwarya Rai?  Darcy Donavan or Kirsten Haglund?


And I could go on but at that level of beauty it`s like.... Well... Like it matters...


Gorgeous is gorgeous and you are right up there with the most beautiful women to ever draw breath!


And trying to decide at that level is like does it really matter?  They are all gorgeous!


Your again that kind of beautiful!  But you are also compared to the classic beauties of old.  Norma Jeane known the world over as Marilyn Monroe!  Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis and you can switch from blonde to brunette to what ever hair style you wish to wear and still be a knock out as you proved with your album cover for AC/DC. 


So now that I`ve stated that you are that kind of lovely which is something that would hurt a mans brain if he really had to try and decide,  (Smile).  What are some of your favorite meals and how do you stay in such great shape? 


Darcy:  Don`t get me started on that.  I love food.  However, I strongly believe that a good diet of vegetables and fruit mixed with the occasional splurges are good for you.  I also believe in juice fasting and I love my juicing machine.  I take it with me everywhere.  You`re body is your temple and engine for life so what you put in it is what you`ll get out.  I also run, bike ride, and do yoga and just rehearsing for my tour gets me in shape.


Chase Von:  Who are some of the people you truly loved working with?  And who are some that you haven`t worked with as of yet but you would love to in the future? 


Darcy:  Honestly there are too many people to name but I really enjoyed working with Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd as well as the director Adam McKay, I`ve worked with so many people in the business and each person has brought a different experience. 


I`d love to work with Shirley McClaine, Goldie Hawn, James Earl Jones, Will Smith, Chris Rock, Anthony Hopkins, Lawrence Fishbourne just to name a few.   


Chase Von:  What would you say, if you were standing in front of a microphone that could be heard by every child on the planet and regardless of what language it was they spoke, they would understand you? What positive advice would you give the children, if that were possible?


Darcy:  I would tell them that God always hears us, even in our darkest moments.  In your heart you have to believe and have faith.  If you ask him, he will always be there to help you.  Also remember to treat others as you would like to be treated, we will all meet our maker one day.  Because when it`s all said and done, There are no luggage racks in a hearse. "


Chase Von: Where can our readers learn more about the variety of things you are doing?  Your web sites, You Tube links and movie and music links?  I also know you`ve formed your own entertainment production company!  Are there any things you are producing there or in the near future you can give our readers a heads up to look out for?   


Darcy:  The best places to see what`s going on with me at any given moment would be the sites listed below.


As for projects in the works, we`ve got a few movies we are working on, a couple books, television series, clothing, jewelry, and perfume line, music tours, celebrity events and many more.   I could go on and on, but I would rather you see for yourself.  We also have several other celebrities that we work with and promote such as Cylk Cozart, Brian Krause, Percy Daggs, Tara Paige, Maddy Curly and some up and comers such as celebrity artist Cosandra Calloway, Corey Johnson celebrity choreographer and up and coming celebrity producer Ryakin Rip just to name a few.

Chase Von: On behalf of The Operated Student Press and myself Darcy, I`m truly honored you took out the time from your schedule that might wear out the actual Wonder Woman herself, to share yourself with our readers!  You are not only a beautiful, multi-talented lady with a great mind as well, but one that is also very down to earth and loveable!  Guess being raised in a place like Nashville can in some cases give a person the ability to relate at a level that is truly human and where the majority of us find ourselves!


You`re a huge star but what shines ever so brightly is your sweetness and your genuine concern for humanity as a whole and you`re in touch ness with the younger generation and respect for older generations!  Dana Owens, better known as Queen Latifah made her first CD, which has the remake of "California Dreamin" originally done by the Mamas and Poppas with quite a few other songs from an earlier time and I think in so doing, she bridges a gap between generations and that is something I feel you are doing as well!  I also think surviving the tornado`s and all you have despite the level of stardom you have achieved, although a horrible thing for anyone to have to endure, has kept you from becoming one that feels a distance from your fellow human beings.


So thanks so much again Darcy and wishing you continued success, love and light and all things good because you are certainly a blessing to all who learn of you!

Darcy:  Thanks so much for that wonderful compliment! (Smile).  I think I`m going to cry. (Smile).  You are so sweet.  Chase, again thank you for your kind words and for being a sweetheart and making this interview one of the best I have had the pleasure of being a part of.  Much love and success to you Chase and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.