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Published:November 1st, 2008 21:27 EST
Touch My Rash: A Punk Rock Band On The Rise

Touch My Rash: A Punk Rock Band On The Rise

By Robert Paul Reyes

America is still the land of opportunity, where only your desire and imagination limits how much you can accomplish. Only in America can a Steve Wozniak usher in the personal computer revolution from his garage. Only in America can a biracial young man, from humble means grow up to become the president of the United States.

Not everyone will become a president or a gazillionaire entrepreneur, but we can all bring our more modest dreams to fruition with sweat, dedication and a dash of luck.

I attended only one year of college, but I still became a columnist for a newspaper and a blogger/writer for several Web sites. I may not be a columnist for the New York Times, but the newspaper of record has quoted me a couple of times.

My friend Olga Safronova is a very accomplished young person, she`s a DJ for a college radio station , an amateur photographer and a drummer for a Punk band -- all this while holding down a full-time job.

"Touch My Rash`s debut album is filled with chainsaw guitars, shout-along anthems, and a double-time beat that makes bodies move up and down like an uncontrollable pogo stick.

Touch My Rash is:
Olga Safronova - drums, vocals
Hong Lam - bass, vocals
Colin Kutch - vocals, guitar"


Check out their Web site, who the hell doesn`t want to be inspired to move his body up and down like an uncontrollable pogo stick?

TMR`s videos may not be on heavy rotation on the MTV music channels, but they have achieved a modest level of success. This summer TMR played at one of the stops of the Van`s Warped Tour.

If you want to be a punk rocker, a columnist or even the President of the United States, get off your butt and make your dream come true.