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Published:November 9th, 2008 11:06 EST
Britney Spears Turns Down Movie Role Playing Virgin Mary

Britney Spears Turns Down Movie Role Playing Virgin Mary

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Britney Spears has decided to turn down a role to play the Virgin Mary in an upcoming religious satire, `Sweet Baby Jesus,` Daily News reports. The film`s producer Philippe Rebboah said, `I knew she would do a good job... but we mutually decided the timing wasn`t right.`"

I can imagine the pop tart playing a porn star, psycho serial killer, clueless nymphomaniac, crackhead babysitter, spaced-out prostitute, obsessive-compulsive shoplifter, but not the Virgin Mary.

I commend Britney for turning down the rule, like Dirty Harry used to say: A man (or pop diva) has got to know his limitations.

Religion is not above reproach or ridicule, but casting Britney as the Virgin Mary would have been an outrageous provocation.

Hollywood producers don`t have any guts, I`d like to see one of them make a movie poking fun of the child bride of the Prophet Mohammad. A peeved Catholic might send a letter to the editor, an upset Muslim fundamentalist might send him a bomb.

Thank goodness a controversy has been avoided. Britney should concentrate on taking acting classes, and then maybe one day she can play a role she can handle.