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Published:November 17th, 2008 19:13 EST
If You Value Your Sanity, Don't Watch Paris Hilton's Latest Movie: Repo

If You Value Your Sanity, Don't Watch Paris Hilton's Latest Movie: Repo

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Socialite Paris Hilton`s new movie Repo! The Genetic Opera has been savaged by film critics, insisting that the movie is `just plain awful and nearly unwatchable`. The remark was made by the Los Angeles Times critic Mark Olsen."

Paris Hilton is the perfect celebrity for today`s fast-paced society; she is best appreciated a sound bite at a time. I don`t mind devoting a couple of seconds to ogling her latest pantyless pic, or even ten seconds to watching footage of her entering a police car. But who in their right mind would set aside two hours for a Paris Hilton movie? I couldn`t even take more than five minutes of her home sex tape, her vamping before the camera irritated the hell out of me.

It`s absolute folly for a Hollywood producer to hire Paris Hilton -- her name is box office poison. Hilton has bombed as a singer, only her most rapid fans will plunk down a dollar to download her latest 3-minute digital single. It stands to reason that only her die-hard fans and sadomasochists will endure a two hour Hilton movie.

Even a 30- second trailer for a Hilton movie is too much for human beings to digest. Hilton`s movie should only be screened at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, after 30 minutes of this god-awful flick the terrorists will confess to every crime under the sun.

Repo Trailer TRUE-HD (2008) Official