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Published:November 21st, 2008 12:00 EST
E.D Hill To Leave Fox News Channel

E.D Hill To Leave Fox News Channel

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Exclusive: TV Newser has learned veteran Fox News Channel anchor E.D. Hill will not be renewed when her current contract expires. Hill, who has been with Fox News for more than 10 years, will continue with the network for the next few months until her current deal expires."

Fox News has a stable of loony right-wing reporters and anchors -- the men are predominantly white and middle-aged, and the women are young and hot. There is a double standard: Men are allowed to age before the cameras, but the women better rely on plastic surgery if they want to prolong their careers.

Hill is a little long on the tooth, but she attempted to keep up with her younger colleagues by wearing impossibly short skirts. But it seems Fox News isn`t interested in retaining cougars on the prowl, they prefer young foxes. It`s a shame that Fox operates under the principle that their audience will only tune it if their female anchors look like supermodels. I`d rather have a seasoned, experienced and capable reporter like CNN`s Candy Crowley than a bevy of Fox`s beautiful airheads.

When Hill was a co-host of "Fox and Friends" she never missed an opportunity to demonize Hispanic undocumented workers. Hill`s co-hosts could be discussing Britney Spears` penchant for exposing herself, and she would bring around the conversation to "the immigrant hordes who are invading our country."

Who can forget Hill`s infamous "terrorist fist jab" comment?

"On June 6, 2008, Hill brought up the question of whether a fist bump between Barack Obama, and his wife Michelle, after the final 2008 Presidential Democratic primaries was a `terrorist fist jab.` Hill, introducing an upcoming discussion before a commercial break, posited that some believed the gesture was either `A fist bump? A pound? [or] A terrorist fist jab?,` but never explained the term when the segment continued after the break."


Hill let that terrorist fist jab comment linger, poisoning the political waters and severely damaging her career.

Hill may be too old for Fox News, but at 47 she`s still young enough to be hired by another cable news channel. Hill`s politics may be suspect, but she`s an intelligent and capable journalist. If Hill is hired by another network or cable news outlet, I hope she will now longer feel a need to pander to the extreme right.