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Published:November 22nd, 2008 10:58 EST
Couples Therapy

Is Couples Therapy The Answer For Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"THE most talked-about twosome in Hollywood are talking with a couples counselor to resolve their escalating problems, an insider told Page Six.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson `are fighting like cats and dogs,` according to our source. "They fight every day, screaming, crying and yelling at each other."

Couples Therapy


Most of the celebrity couple`s cat fights are caused by jealousy, Ronson goes into a blind fit of rage whenever Lohan flirts with a cute guy at a club.

Forget the expensive therapist, here`s my free advice for Lohan and Ronson:

*Lohan needs to stay away from night clubs. The gorgeous celeb can`t walk two feet in a club without bumping into a former lover. Lohan has more ex-lovers than my dog has fleas. As soon as Lohan sashays into a club all the guys are on her like flies on a well, you get the idea.

*Ronson needs to realize that Lohan isn`t interested in love, she pines only for publicity. How can Lohan compete with Paris Hilton`s sex video and Britney Spear`s craziness? I guess the only way she can compete is by dating a woman who looks like her 14-year old son. If Ronson isn`t content being Lohan`s accessory she should love for love elsewhere.

*Lohan is a singer and an actress, so why isn`t she making movies and recording albums? When you have too much time on your hands you are bound to get into trouble. Lohan and Ronson don`t need to be smooching, hugging, screaming and fighting in the public spotlight 24/7, they need to spend time away from each other managing their respective careers.

*Lohan and Ronson should spend time together away from the paparazzi. How can they develop a meaningful relationship when they`re at a club and their every word and action is being recorded for a public hungry for every celebrity tidbit? Why can`t they simply stay at home every once in a while and enjoy each other`s company in a peaceful setting?

By the time this article is published, Lohan may already have left Ronson. That`s OK, I will be happy to give Ronson some singles therapy.